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Acronym alert! Heroes & Generals developer explains how to blend FPS, RTS, WW2 and F2P

Andy Hartup at

Choice is a wonderful thing. Coke or Pepsi, Ant or Dec, terrorist or counter-terrorist (er, in Counter-Strike, obviously). So we’re chuffed to see Square Enix’s latest free-to-play shooter offering the choice to fight WW2 as either a Hero, or – and this may surprise you - a General. It’s in closed Beta for now, but we’re giving away 1000 keys to give you a taste before the public Beta arrives. What’s the game all about? Well, the hero part is pretty self-explanatory. You’re on the ground as either an allied or axis soldier, fighting battles for the pen-pushers back in Berlin / London / Washington. As a General, you are the pen-pusher; managing troops and vehicles in a bloody RTS war for Europe.

The Free Webgame Round-up

Tom Sykes at

It's not even October yet, but the Starks were right – winter is coming. In fact (brrr), it's already here. And what better way to fend off Santa Claus, The Groke, and DCI Jack Frost than by staying indoors with a snifter of brandy, enjoying a browser game or several? This week's warming webgames include a hexy text adventure, a devilishly good puzzle game, and a boat. We'll see you on the starboard – or is it port? – side of the jump.

The free webgame round-up

Tom Sykes at

There's something for everyone this week, provided you like dungeons, dancing, minimalistic platformers or bees. If that all sounds like a regular Saturday night in your household, then boy are you in for a treat. (Also: what time can I pop round?) Fire up your browser, turn off the lights, put the dog in the kitchen, the cat in the bin, and make a pot of tea while the Unity-based webgames finish bloody loading, because things are about to get hellish.

The Free Webgame Round-up

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Spare a thought for your poor browser tabs, the oft-neglected part of the Internet experience. Do you think your email account wants to rub shoulders with that GIF of a surprised cat, or your ongoing Facebook chat with one of your enemies from school? Best keep them separated with a good old-fashioned webgame, preferably of the 'free' variety. As it happens we've harvested the cream of this week's browser-based crop, and presented them below for your consideration. Read on for fear, gravity, puzzles and swoooords, probably actually in that order.

The Free Webgame Round-Up

Tom Sykes at

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Free Webgame Round-Up, a regular compilation of all the weird and sometimes wonderful titles playable in your browser of choice. No installation necessary! (Well, unless you count plugins.) This week we have been mostly hunting, hurting and hiding from things, not necessarily in that order.

Play Tera for 30 minutes in your browser for free

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Some people need to see things for themselves. If our Tera review wasn't enough to convince you one way or another if the new action-combat MMORPG from EnMasse Entertainment is for you, you can test it out yourself with no commitment.

EnMasse teamed up with Gaikai to offer their new demo through your browser, with no download.

Microsoft says WebGL browser games are "harmful"

Adam Oxford at

Bad news for open standards browser-based gaming: Microsoft's has said that it won't be supporting WebGL now or in the foreseeable future.

The announcement was made via its Technet blog site, under the rather damning headline “WebGL considered harmful”.

The development of WebGL is being managed by The Khronos Group, which is also responsible for OpenGL, OpenCL and so on. WebGL is a cross platform API designed to give your browser access to your graphics card and enable hardware acceleration of JavaScript games.