Brothers in Arms

Reinstall: Brothers in Arms

Ben Griffin at

Reinstall invites you to join us in revisiting classics of PC gaming days gone by. This week, Ben relearns World War 2 tactics in Brothers in Arms.

Find, fix, flank and finish. Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 calls them The Four F’s, and almost ten years since its release, I haven’t forgotten. But this is more than a catchy slogan. This authentic military manoeuvre is the game’s backbone, the reason it stands tall among a mid-naughties glut of brain-dead war shooters. Whenever I think about Gearbox’s squad-based FPS, I find myself repeating it like a mantra.

E3 2011: Brothers in Arms Furious 4 trailer

Tom Hatfield at

[bcvideo id="979220707001"]

Well, that was a surprise wasn't it? Turns out Brothers in Arms has changed a little, what do you think of the new tone? Yes or no?

E3 2011: New Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 announced

Tom Senior at

Gearbox have revealed a new Brothers in Arms game at the Ubisoft press conference. It's a welcome return for the series, which has been quiet since Hell's Highway, which came out way back in 2008. The new game will take a very, very different approach to previous games. We'll have more details very soon.