Broforce and The Expendables 3 combine to form free crossover The Expendabros

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There was an official game of The Expendables 2. Naturally, it was awful. Fortunately, for The Expendables 3, we're being treated to something good. The Expendabros is an official crossover between the increasingly tiresome film franchise and Broforce, the excellent run-'n-gun platformer. The ten-level tie-in will not only promote whatever nonsense plot the film has cooked up, but also act as a handy demo for the Early Access main game.

Broforce review (Early Access)

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Early Access reviews offer our preliminary verdicts on in-development games. We may follow up this unscored review with a final, scored review in the future.

Broforce makes me ask some tough questions. Questions like: why is the devil in Vietnam, wearing a suit and tie? Why is Indiana Brones's whip so wimpy? Why isn't the only song in Broforce Team America's patriotic anthem "America, Fuck Yeah?" It's certainly the only song running through my head while I play Broforce. Broforce is basically a $15/£12 version of that song that you can control, using an army of ‘80s and ‘90s action movie heroes. As long as you're playing with friends, it's a blast.

The Early Access Report: Contraption Maker, Broforce and Centration

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Welcome to the early access report, a regular round-up looking at the most interesting early access games of the moment. Here we try new alphas and revisit old ones to separate the promising gems from the bug-ravaged time wasters.

Steam's so big that it's possible for games to be forgotten, like lost civilisations cut off from the rest of the world, never receiving any visitors and wondering who'll eat the special biscuits? But a recent-ish update enables games that have been patched space on the coveted front-page. Anything can land there, as long as it's received a major update, and it works well for Early Access because they're always being updated. That how you /make/ games. That's how I remembered Contraption Maker existed, and that's how a friend ended up playing Broforce and demanding I join him. I also ended up playing Centration so you don't have to.

Broforce beta hits Humble Store, heading to Steam Early Access next month

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Can you guide your bro through a Metal Slug styled bropocalypse without brosploding? Broforce asks all the important questions, like can Bronan the Brobarian stand up to a world full of nameless goon armies with a single blade? Which of the 15+ available bros will deliver the most efficient pastiche of '80s and '90s action cinema? Is it Rambro or Brobocop? I'm partial to John McClane send-up, Bro Hard, but each to their own. You say brotato, I say brotato.

A free "brototype" version of this jolly run 'n gun goon-massacre sim is playable in your browser on the Broforce site, which is a good way to find out whether or not you like it enough to pay to get into the beta. Access is available for $15 on the Humble Store, and is due to pop up on Steam Early Access next month. A full release is expected in summer according to a message sent over by Free Lives' new publishing partners, Devolver Digital. There's a moderately exciting video, too, detailing new characters and upcoming multiplayer modes, which you'll find right here.

Broforce trailer contains a Matrix parody, and other action movie throwbacks

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I'm not sure what it is about this year and references to The Matrix in games. Saints Row IV was all over its virtual battery farm reality, and now the new Broforce trailer mirrors that scene, as 'Bropheus' offers the choice between a red and blue bandana. Way to stay current on your cultural parodies, video games. In fairness, late '90s action is surprisingly modern for Broforce's 2D side-scrolling tribute to '80s action stars. Here, the cast of the "Brotrix" are joining the Brominator, Rambro, Indiana Brones, and Robrocop, among others. It should go without saying that those with an allergy to bro puns should turn back now.

Latest batch of Greenlit games includes Deadly Premonition, other, less insane stuff

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Valve have given a new load of games their seal of approval - or rather you have, doing Valve's job for them so they have more time to make hats and trading cards and Half-Life 5. The headline here is that one of the 14 games greenlit is the...unique Deadly Premonition, Swery's ridiculous survival horror love letter to David Lynch. But that's not all! Roguelikey metroidvania Chasm is also heading to Steam, along with its good friends Among The Sleep and Operation Black Mesa. But that's still not all! There are also ten more. OK, that's all. Hear them in list form after the break.

Broforce development trailer shows explosions, guns, bros

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The bro geniuses at Free Lives have been shepherding their brotastic game, Broforce, though Steam Greenlight. I mean, uh, Bream.... Breenlight? I’m bad at this. Broforce, the ludicrous side scrolling platformer so crammed full of 80s action-movie goodness that it just keeps exploding spontaneously, is still in development, but we’ve got a nice explode-y new trailer to keep us occupied. It’s full of development footage and nice Inception-style BRAAAAAAAHM noises.

Nelson Brodela leads the Broforce onto Greenlight

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What is the Broforce? No, it's not the name of a Call of Duty team—it's actually a collection of the greatest bros of the '90s working together under the watchful eye of "the ultimate bro": Nelson Brodela. It also happens to be the name of a game by South African indie developer Free Lives.

Steam Greenlight: 15 ace games from the PC Gamer Collection

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While Valve continue to work out the kinks in their promo-platform piping, we’ve pooled together our favourite picks from the Steam Greenlight community into the PC Gamer Greenlight Collection. This will certainly continue to grow, so do check back, but here’s the first fifteen to make it in: experimental puzzlers, gruesome horror yarns, frantic frag-fests, puntastic platformers, games we can’t even pronounce - and all deserving of wider recognition. Why not have a peek and let us know what other games have tickled your fancy in the comments?