Eidos executive tells broadband providers they're holding gaming back

Chuck Osborn at

When a man who's the co-founder of tabletop game manufacturer Games Workshop and an Officer of the Order of the British Empire talks, people listen. Or at least that's the hope when longtime Eidos executive Ian Livingstone, who was promoted to the title of "life president" after Eidos was absorbed like a sponge by Square Enix, berated broadband providers for impeding growth of the gaming industry at the Broadband World Forum on Wednesday.

BT to deliver new 300Mbps 'on demand' fibre broadband

Adam Oxford at

More broadband news today: BT's wholesale arm Openreach, which provides the majority of broadband connections in the UK, is planning to launch a new fibre-based broadband product that's capable of delivering 300Mbps to your house. The company issued a press release this morning that claimed successful trials in St Agnes, Cornwall of its Fibre to the Premise On Demand (FTTP OD) would be followed up with more tests later this year, and most of its ISP partners would be selling the product by Spring 2013.

FTTP OD should be available to any exchanges which have been upgraded for Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) services like the 40Mbps Infinity. Theoretically, at 300Mbps you could download a 10GB Steam game in about five minutes. So is this the death of copper?

Global download speed study reveals significant disparities between countries

Rob Zacny at

A study from Pando Networks reveals that the average worldwide download speed is 580KBps, Gamasutra reports. The big winner is South Korea, which averages an enviable 2,202KBps, a number which surely explains my lack of success on the StarCraft II competitive circuit, hobbled as I am by the United States' national average of 616KBps.

The picture is even grimmer for Australian gamers (348KBps). English-speakers who want swift download speeds must move to the broadband Mecca that is Andover, Massachusetts, with an average speed of 2,801KBps.