British Tanks

World of Tanks update 8.1 brings Brits to the battle with the Royal Tank Corps

Marsh Davies at

Wargaming's epic MMO tank battler has received an update which adds a slew of new steel monsters and visually overhauls a number of battle arenas in which to test their mettle. And their metal. World of Tanks patch 8.1 introduces players to the expansive armoury of Britain's Royal Tank Corps, with its 22 new behemoths including the likes of the Vickers Medium Mk I tank, the Centurion Mk. I-IV, the Centurion Mk. V-XI, the Matilda medium, the FV 214 Conqueror and the Churchill.

World of Tanks getting new tanks: the British are coming

Tom Senior at

What ho! I didn't see you there, I was too busy waxing my moustache while simultaneously brewing a cup of earl grey inside my massive tank here. Turns out we Brits been summoned to the front line to fight the Jerries, and the Ruskies. Even the French are getting stuck in. A jolly good tank rumble, that's what they're calling it, and I'll be darned if I'm to stay in the pub when I could be out here loading shells in cramped conditions with a boiling kettle lodged against the bulkhead inches from my face. Good job Johnny's actually on shell-loading duty, means I get to miss out on the hardest work. SUGAR IN YOUR EARL GREY, JOHNNY? Who the bloody hell am I kidding, there is no sugar. We're in a massive bloody tank. ONWARDS, LADS.