Dead Island trailer shows eleven minutes of in-game footage

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Gametrailers have eleven whole minutes of Dead Island footage showing the game's exciting open world island and remarkable levels of gore. The footage is interesting in a very different way to Dead Island's other recent trailers. Those vidoes dwelled on the tragedy of a paradise gone bad. If this video dwells on anything, it's decapitation, and good knife-throwing technique. See for yourself below.

Dead Island trailer shows first in-game footage

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The second trailer for Dead Island tries to make you feel sorry for the zombies. DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR THE ZOMBIES. It is the first and last mistake you'll ever make. In case you'd forgotten, the first Dead Island trailer was amazing. The in-game footage was never going to be quite as spectacular, but that paradise island sure looks pretty. Check out the brand new Dead Island screens to see a gorier side to the island.

Dead Island screenshots make a bloody mess

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The latest batch of Dead Island screenshots may well be the most violent yet. We've seen 'orrible zombies and blood soaked swimming pools, but the image of an undead head disintegrating into a cloud after being shot in the head sets a new bar. Still, you know how it is, playing zombie games means seeing lots of zombie brains. Mmm, brains. New images below.