Unreal Tournament 2004 custom bots pass a deathmatch Turing test

Omri Petitte at

It's time for the human race to wave goodbye. Scientists and students at the University of Texas at Austin created a bot in Unreal Tournament 2004 acing a competition for convincing judges on its humanlike behavior and movements. It also passed the Turing test, a measure of a computer's intelligent mannerisms.

Runescape puts botters on trial in Botany Bay and lets players decide their fate

Tom Senior at

Runescape devs, Jagex, made it clear that they're determined to stomp out all botting with a massive account nuke last year that banned 1.5 million bot accounts in one day. The battle continues with a new initiative that will name and shame cheaters in an open court setting.

"From today, any player caught botting will be given two warnings to allow them to change their ways, after which they will be permanently banned from the game - with no appeals," say Jagex. "At each warning stage the botter's avatar will change to signify to the rest of the community that they have been caught botting. After receiving their second and final warning should they break the rules again, the bot avatar will be transferred to a new area called Botany Bay to await the judgment of the community."

League of Legends' AI bots multiply, get smarter, and move to Dominion [Hands-on]

Josh Augustine at

I ran out of my spawn area on League of Legends' Dominion map and made a move for the nearest capture-point, which an enemy Sona was stealing from us. I was confident I could take the flimsy healer and reclaim our home point, but before I can get in range, a burst of flames erupts around me and burning-man Brand bursts from the bushes. He's now pacing side-to-side between me and Sona, tossing out flames if I get close, but stubbornly refusing to let me drag him off point, where I could safely kill him.

Now, Brand running interference on a point in Dominion isn't that unusual—but this Brand is a bot, and he's ruining my day, courtesy of the improved AI and bot rosters being added to League of Legends in the next few weeks.