Dishonored designer's grim book, 'Big Jack is Dead' is free today

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Diablo 3 lore and backstory: an interview with The Order author Nate Kenyon

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Diablo 3 is out. Finally. It's consuming our free time. But even now that it's within our grasp, we don't always have access to our computers. Sometimes we have to do other things like ride in a car, sit in a classroom, or attend a relative's special event. These mundane activities do not have zombies to click on for loot, but you can still get through them thanks to the terrific, dark Diablo 3 prequel novel The Order by Nate Kenyon.

Saturday Crapshoot: The Princess Bride

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Every week, Richard Cobbett rolls the dice to bring you an obscure slice of gaming history, from lost gems to weapons grade atrocities. This week, a tale of true love and high adventure! No, wait, sorry. It's the casual game version that offers neither, unless you really get off on time management.

The Princess Bride Game
Introduction to the 3rd Anniversary Edition. Not by William Goldman.

It's still my favourite casual game in the world. And more than ever, I wish I had designed it. Sometimes, I like to fantasize that I did, that I came up with the idea of relegating one of the most entertaining battles in the 80s to a quick, badly animated cut-scene, that my imagination replaced its awesome, quotable banter with a trivia game that wouldn't even challenge an intellectually sub-standard chimp.

Alas, Goldman remains swimming naked in his money, and I must be contented with the fact that my novelisation of the game of the movie (though burned by librarians to keep it off their shelves) at least brought this game to a wider audience. What is stronger than childhood memory? Nothing, at least for me. I still have a recurring dream of the time I swallowed a live wasp. I believe it is this memory, more than anything else, that empowered me with the ability to write the words you are about to read.

This is my favourite game in all the world, though I have never unlocked the demo.

I am not, after all, a complete moron.