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Torchlight 2 dev wants to add Minecraft-style building and resource management

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In a wide-ranging interview with Indie Game Magazine Radio, designer Max Schaefer described his hopes for the future of Torchlight 2, saying that he'd like to introduce a greater sense of permanence to the game through player-created structures.

"What I’d like to see personally is to get the building and resource aspects of Minecraft and put them into an ARPG," he said, "just so it’s a little more than just wandering from one monster to the next and hitting them."

Blizzard prototyped Diablo-clone set in space

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Starblo. That was the actual codename Blizzard gave to a prototype sci-fi-themed Diablo-clone - as revealed by Shacknews in an interview snippet with David Craddock about his upcoming book on Blizzard Entertainment, Stay Awhile and Listen. Apparently, a team at Blizzard North were toying with the idea of propelling Diablo's slot-machine formula into space shortly after Diablo 2's launch.

Light from the Darkness: The Making of Torchlight

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Diablo casts a long shadow over the action-RPG. Few games have been able to dispel Blizzard’s gloomy dominance of the genre, though many have tried. Only Torchlight shines in the dark. A modest game in scale and price, made in a year by a small team, it is as accomplished a resurrection of the genre as anyone could want.