Blight of the Immortals

Jupiter's Folly: free to play multiplayer strategy from the makers of Neptune's Pride

Tom Senior at

The creators of the terrific, slow burn backstabbing simulators Neptune's Pride and Blight of the Immortals have launched a new game. It's called Jupiter's Folly, a self styled "online strategy boardgame" that has a cluster of players fighting for the right to mine precious Crystal from bountiful planetoids. You can play for free in your browser, and pay later to unlock premium features, like more maps, new armies and the ability to create your own custom games.

Neptune's Pride team to deliver zombie orcs

Jaz McDougall at

Blight of the Immortals is a new multiplayer strategy from Iron Helmet, the guys behind Neptune's Pride. It's set in a fantasy universe where everyone is turning into zombies - not just humans, but the orcs, the elves, and the trolls too. It'll be a similar affair - great big slow movements on a giant map, a handful of your friends competing for resources, working together, and stabbing eachother in the back. There's one difference this time: you have a common enemy. The undead.