This week's best free PC games

Lewis Denby at

Ladies and gents? After almost a year of writing them, I am sad to announce the end of [Month's] Best Free PC Games here at PC Gamer. Sniff.

But hey, look! A new thing exists! So welcome to the first ever roundup of the best free games of the week. Good gracious! These will, as you can imagine, be published weekly. Read on to find out what I've been freely enjoying in the past seven days.

Blendimals lets you blend animals then explode them

Owen Hill at

Most animals can do at least one thing well. Cows are good at eating grass and mooing. Rhinos can move people out of the way by jabbing them with their horn. Rabbits jump around instead of running.

Blendimals lets you create the ultimate animal by blending them in a virtual blender (it's nowhere near as bloody as it sounds). Then you can use your creations to progress through obstacle-ridden levels that would cause a standard God-created animal all kinds of issues.

You can download Blendimals for free from the official site. Don't forget to share your tastiest blends in the comments.