Black Mesa: Source

Half-Life 2 and Black Mesa: Source videos show Oculus Rift VR setup in action

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Modder/programmer/futurist Nathan Andrews has been working on a virtual reality set-up for Half-Life 2 and Black Mesa: Source. Fresh videos on Reddit offer exclusive glimpses of a not-too-distant future in which we our gaming time spinning round and round shooting invisible enemies with a plastic gun and occasionally walking into walls. I for one welcome this future, and you might too once you've seen Nathan's excellent work in motion in the videos below.

The Mod of the Year 2012: DayZ

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If XCOM reminded us of the value of loss in 2012, DayZ was a valuable lesson in hardship. The Arma 2 mod was one of the least-forgiving and most intimidating games of the year. It was a shooter that you entered without a gun. Arma’s control scheme made actions such as inventory management a hassle; its 225km2 landscape asked you to run mini-marathons to get around, often without a map. Permadeath and persistency lent consequence to every action. And in its alpha state, DayZ was buggy and vulnerable to hackers.

1.3 million people played it.

PC Gamer US Podcast #330 - RPGs and Aliens

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Evan returns from the depths of space to join Tyler, Omri, and T.J. in discussing all things Project Eternity. Also kind of a lot of things are coming out right now, and we go over the big ones including Torchlight II, Borderlands 2, FTL, Black Mesa, and Mists of Pandaria. You'll also not just hear, but experience, updates on what's going on with BioWare and Bohemia, a new special segment in which T.J. administers shotgun blasts to the face to all of his coworkers, and extended FTL and XCOM discussion in Playlists.

Get the Torchlight II and Black Mesa soundtracks for no dollars

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If you're itching to expand your game music collection without expending any resources beyond the energy it takes to click your mouse a few times, you're in luck today! The maestros behind the sonic accompaniments for Black Mesa and Torchlight II have made their respective compositions available completely free.

Black Mesa Source released - download it now!

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You're not dreaming. Your eyes do not deceive you. The legendary mod project Black Mesa Source - an almost complete rebuild of the original Half-Life - is now out and ready to go. It covers the whole game up to Xen, with that bit due to arrive later. Everything else is ready to go though, from the tentacles of Blast Silo to the headcrab zombies, and you can attempt to get at its files right now!

(There's a torrent, which you can get to officially via the site and is hosted here. For direct downloading, here's a ShackNews mirror too.)

Black Mesa Source release date revealed, high-res headcrabs due in 11 days

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September 14 is the release date for the first build of one of the most long-awaited mods of all time. The Black Mesa project remakes Half-Life in Valve's Source engine with prettier textures and lighting. Gordon's beard is now super high-res and headcrabs are 20% prettier.

The first release "will include our re-envisioning of Half-Life all the way up to Lambda Core," according to project leader Carlos Montero, writing on the Black Mesa forums. "We believe this is a great way to provide a complete-feeling 8-10 hour experience with a solid ending, make our fans happy and help us make the best overall game possible."

Black Mesa: Source has new screenshots, is "pretty close to completion"

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The fan-made remake of the original Half-Life in the Source engine, Black Mesa: Source, has now been in development for about 8 years. And, it seems, the end may finally be in sight. The team of volunteer Xenophiles has released a batch of new screenshots, and project lead Carlos Montero told Polygon he would "characterize our first release as being pretty close to completion."

Black Mesa: Source video shows renovated On A Rail mission in action

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Some leaked footage claiming to belong to the elusive Black Mesa Source mod has appeared over on Valve Time, showing some classic weapons and environments renovated in Valve's Source engine. The video shows a bit of violence from the 'On A Rail' mission. But for the odd detail, like iron sights aiming for the Magnum, it all feels very familiar, albeit a fair bit prettier than the original. Take a look.

Black Mesa: Source screenshots bring back memories, BM:S lives!

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It's alive! A bunch of new screenshots have gone online for Black Mesa: Source. In case you'd missed it, or forgotten it in these years of silence, BM:S is a fan project that aims to recreate the entirety of Half-Life 1 in the Half-Life 2 Source engine. The devs promised to releaser more details if their Facebook page hit 20,000 likes. It did, and they have. So without further ado, here are eight new screenshots for Black Mesa: Source.