BioShock Infinite DLC

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea trailer picks out Rapture's fact from myth

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Bioshock Infinite's first story-based DLC campaign is on a bathysphere ride to release. That means a return to the base game's quirky "Fact From Myth" trailer series, sending up '70s educational video making. Rather than tracking down the magical flying city of Columbia, this time the fictional documentary makers are in search of clues relating to the magical underwater city of Rapture - the setting for the two-part DLC.

PC Gamer Podcast #360 - Drunk-lunky

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This week, Logan, Evan, and Cory ponder over the recent batch of game remakes, scan for inconsistencies in Papers, Please, and take an Nvidia Shield with them to the bath. The guys also make a strong case for the shopkeeper's right to bear arms in Spelunky. All this, our playlists, and more, on...

BioShock Infinite DLC unveiled: trailers, screens, and oh my god one's available today

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Among its numerous twists and revelations, the narrative nuke dropped during the finale of BioShock Infinite was the realization that the “Infinite” in the game’s title was meant quite literally. And once you’ve finished a game that ends pretty much, well, everywhere, you’d naturally wonder where Irrational would take the game next. The answer arrived yesterday at a presentation in Boston where Irrational revealed details of the three separate DLC packs that will be released throughout the year, beginning with Clash in the Clouds - a series of increasingly difficult and chaotic challenges that take place in four aerial arenas, as well as two episodic adventures set in the luminous undersea chambers of pre-apocalyptic Rapture (from the original BioShock). And the best part for PC gamers is that Clash of the Clouds will be available today at noon on Steam for $5.

If you just need the word about Clash in the Clouds, the word is given: you want it. Go ahead, start downloading it now, and read on for trailers and screenshots of both Clash in the Clouds and Burial at Sea: Episode One, interviews with Ken Levine and Lead Level Designer Forrest Dowling, as well as a glimpse of the third DLC pack that turns Elizabeth and her freaky hand-magic into a playable character.