Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea

Hear three BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea original songs from Irrational Games

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Bioshock Infinite had some great original songs and arrangements. You can buy the original game’s soundtrack, but there’s some new music in the recently released Burial at Sea DLC that you couldn't easily listen to, until recently. Irrational Games posted three full, original songs from Burial at Sea to its official website, along with some commentary from the game’s Music Director, Jim Bonney.

Bioshock Infinite - Burial at Sea: Episode 2 to offer a non-lethal challenge through 1998 mode

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Irrational may be "winding down", but they still have one final flourish before bowing out. Burial at Sea: Episode 2 is the final piece of Bioshock Infinite DLC, and will give players the chance to inhabit the tear-opening, coin-tossing Elizabeth.

As an example of how differently the game's new protagonist will play, Irrational have also announced a new mode for the game. 1998 mode, like BInfinite's 1999 mode before it, is a "classic" difficulty designed to recapture the spirit of late '90s challenge. Rather than 1999's System Shock 2, 1998 mode is referencing the original Thief: The Dark Project. It will require players to complete the episode through entirely non-lethal methods. It will also replace the entirety of the soundtrack with Will Smith's Just The Two of Us, and Aerosmith's I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing.

Okay, so it won't really do that last thing.

BioShock Infinite - Burial At Sea: Episode 2 gets a spoilery behind-the-scenes video

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Ever since Irrational Games announced that its BioShock Infinite downloadable content would take place in Rapture, fans have speculated about how the worlds in the BioShock franchise could be connected. As we get ever closer to the release of Burial At Sea Episode 2, a new, very spoilery video starts to hint at answers—while showing off a whole host of returning characters from both Rapture and Columbia.

Seriously, spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

Bioshock Infinite's Burial at Sea: Episode 2 trailer is intriguing, full of spoilers

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Don't worry, I'm going to be very careful to avoid spoilers in this opening paragraph, just to protect those that stumbled here accidentally after a drunken night of unrestrained hyperlink clicking. I've even gone so far as to choose the least spoilerful frame of this new trailer for the above image. Even so, spoiler: Bioshock Infinite's second story DLC will contain a gun. Sorry, I know you'd have preferred to discover that for yourself.

BioShock Infinite DLC trailer leaves you with a Big Daddy and a bunch of questions

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With BioShock Infinite it only makes sense to have more questions than answers. Thankfully the launch trailer for the shooter's new DLC—Burial at Sea, Episode One—fills that role nicely. We see the expected, and very stylish, film noir vibe dialed up to 11, but there's also a sense of dread lurking under the surface.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea episode one review

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I'm being attacked by splicers again. I've got little health, no EVE, and only a few bullets for each of my four guns. I'm about to die, which is annoying, because I'd prefer to spend that money refilling all the things I'm low on.

Elizabeth calls out: she's found some EVE. I can use this. I catch a splicer with the Possession plasmid and, in the confusion, use my last shotgun shell to blast another. I then call for Elizabeth to materialise a freight hook, so that by the time I've Sky-Hooked (sorry, Air Grabbed) to reposition, my shield has recharged. I dismount, slamming into another splicer, and finish by using my buffed melee range to execute the last enemy, just as his possession wears off.

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea episode one release date announced

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It's November 12! That's for part one of Bioshock Infinite's first chunk of story DLC, set in that fragile underwater utopia/horrorshow, Rapture. Phil's played it, and he's writing a few impressions down right now. Episode One throws Booker and Elizibeth back to a time to a point before Rapture transitioned from endless parties to mutant massacre.