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Confirmed: Valve will exhibit living room PC hardware at CES

Shaun Prescott at

Portal 2 patch adds splitscreen, Big Picture support

Marsh Davies at

Caring, sharing types rejoice: Valve have released a patch which enables two-controller splitscreen play for Portal 2, making it all the easier to give your co-op buddy a purple nurple when they "accidentally" mis-time the placement of an Excursion Funnel. Again.

And you aren't restricted to squinting at a fraction of your desktop monitor, either: the update adds support for Big Picture mode, allowing you to bicker over who gets to hold the Discouragement Redirection Cube in the comfort of your own living room.

Steam big picture mode - we kick the tyres of Valve's TV-friendly refit

Will Porter at

Ladies and gentlemen: Valve have just made a land-grab on your front room. Steam Big Picture is the Steam you know and love, only bigger and built for TV. Is this truly Valve going toe-to-toe with the Microsoft and Sony consoles?

Steam big picture mode beta to launch Monday

Marsh Davies at

Big picture mode is nigh! In a profile of Valve Corporation, the New York Times reports that Steam's much anticipated big picture mode will go into beta on Monday. Valve say it'll bring "simple, easy-to-read navigation designed specifically for TV" letting players flop back into their sofas without having to debase themselves with the frail hardware of the current console crop.