Battlefield 3 not getting colour grading options after all

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On a post at the Mordor HQ forums, spotted by PCGamesN, DICE staffer Mikael Kalms has reversed a previous statement that DICE would allow players to turn off the colour-grading which gives Battlefield its muted, cold aesthetic.

So, here we go again. The saga began when devs suggested that modders trying to alter the colour palette of the game might inadvertently fall foul of anti-cheat measures and find themselves banned from the game. The ensuing outcry led DICE to suggest it would implement such an option with the next patch of the game. But now it seems the company has thought better of that, with Kalms reproducing an official statement saying, "we are proud of the visual identity of Battlefield 3 and do not wish to change it."

DICE retreat from BF3's war on colours by adding 'disable colour grading' option [Update: nope, changed their minds]

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Colour-tweaking mods have become fairly popular over the last few years, as visual filters degrade what could be beautiful environments for the sake of authenticity or style. In a game like Fallout, rectifying the game's very green visuals is as simple as installing the Fellout mod; try that in Battlefield 3 and you risk having your account banned, over fears that it gives an unfair advantage. Well, DICE have finally seen sense, revealing that the game's next update will add "a console command for disabling the color grading entirely in the game", meaning that such mods should now be unnecessary.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill update tweaks gunship, leaves secret dino egg alone

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A server update for Battlefield 3's Armored Kill rolls out today, although it appears to leave the expansion's literal easter egg well enough alone, probably out of fear over what might hatch. What it will do is tweak the respawn times of the gunship, fix knife takedowns, and make it so that "players can no longer enter vehicles while climbing a ladder." DICE have also added the option to remove the minimap in Hardcore mode, for increased realism and odds of getting lost. You can see the full list of fixes here.

The internet does not like Battlefield 3's pre-order bonus plans

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The announcement that Battlefield 3 would employ the retailer-specific pre-order in-game bonus item scheme has some of the franchise's vocal fans breaking out big guns of their own: canceled pre-orders.

EA announced today that The Physical Warfare Pack (which will be available world-wide) will arm eager soldiers with the Type 88 Light Machine Gun, described as having "superior firepower;" a flash suppressor for the SKS sniper rifle that "reduces enemy awareness of your position" and is "the essential weapon mod for teamplay Recons at the front;" and armor-penetrating flechette shotgun ammo. All of these items will be 100 percent exclusive to the PWP. It also lists the DAO-12 shotgun (described as a "powerful" and with a "high capacity 12-round magazine) as a "Day 1 unlock" - presumably that means it will be unlockable in the game, but pre-order customers won't have to jump through any hoops to earn it.