Beyond Black Mesa

Half-Life: Origins live action film remakes Half-Life's opening moments

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Half-Life: Origins comes from the same team behind the excellent Beyond Black Mesa short film released earlier this year. It's a short but evocative take on those famous first moments of the original Half-Life, the peaceful train journey before all that nastiness with the interdimensional portal, and the aliens, and the crowbar. It captures the workmanlike atmosphere of Black Mesa quite nicely, though the chap playing Gordon keeps reminding me how perfect Hugh Laurie would be for the role. Infectious Designer should ask him to do their next film, I'm sure he's not busy.

Beyond Black Mesa is out now

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The fan made Half Life 2 short film, Beyond Black Mesa was released in full over the weekend. The team behind the film shot the entire project in their spare time, doing all of the stunts and special effects themselves. The result is a spectacular recreation of the Half Life universe that could have been made by pros. You'll find the full twelve minute film embedded below.

Beyond Black Mesa is the Half-Life movie you've dreamed about. Watch the trailer now

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A spectacular second trailer has been released for Beyond Black Mesa, a live action short film set in the Half Life universe. It's packed full of explosions and tense shoot outs with the Combine, and features the coolest holographic wrist display gadget ever. You'll find the video embedded below.

Beyond Black Mesa trailer: Shepherd returns

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Adrian Shepherd, the protagonist of Half-Life's expansion Opposing Force, has sort of vanished from the HL universe, hasn't he? Beyond Black Mesa is a short film project that looks to bring him back from the mysterious G-Man protagonist deposit box and thrust him into the role of a resistance fighter in City 17. Look!