Betrayer review

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I wash ashore in 17th century America at the border of a desolated British colony. Water, sand, and forest are stark greyscale, shadows turned up to black and the sky washed of detail. Wind howls, then dies. I imagine it carries the scent of Virginia’s fir trees on the back of a foreboding chill, and then I swipe my knife at a wooden crate, collapsing it with a cartoonish bonk on the side.

Betrayer leaves Steam Early Access today, marks the occasion with a launch trailer

Phil Savage at

As previously announced, Betrayer, Blackpowder Games' stealth exploration FPS, will today sets sail from the land of Steam Early Access. Created by a team founded by ex-Monolith devs, including key people from NOLF and FEAR, the game strands its players on an island filled with mystery, suspense and demonic Spaniards. A new launch trailer gives a sense of Betrayer's style, and of its menu colour options.

Betrayer leaving Steam Early Access - AKA 'releasing' - March 24th

Tom Sykes at

Betrayer! It's not just a word people shout at me in the street - it's also the name of a hugely promising horror FPS from Blackpowder Games, a company comprised of several ex-Monolith team members. The 1604 New World-set game has been on Steam Early Access for a while now, during which time the strictly monochrome visual style has been relaxed ever-so-slightly (it's now optional). Well it's just been announced, via Steam, that work on Betrayer has now finished, and that the game will release properly on March 24th.

How F.E.A.R. and No One Lives Forever are shaping Betrayer

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Earlier this week we announced Betrayer, a self-funded indie FPS from veteran ex-Monolith personnel who have formed their own studio, Blackpowder Games. Betrayer is unique—a 15th-century atmospheric shooter set in colonial Virginia—but I wanted to hear firsthand how Blackpowder's collective decades of experience on other, more action-focused franchises is informing its work on the game.