13 years of PC graphics benchmarks in one video

T.J. Hafer at

PC graphics have come a long way since the year 2000, when Deus Ex was our Game of the Year, people were emerging from panic about the breakdown of Western society, and the Lord of the Rings was still but a wonderful book. The YouTube channel Perfect Hand Videos has released a compilation of over half a hundred tech demos from the decade-plus period, showcasing the progression of particle effects, shaders, and shadows. It's sort of like that chart of evolution from apes to humans, but with polygons.

BioShock Infinite system requirements released, interview with Irrational about PC features

Evan Lahti at

Grab a tiny knife and carve off 20 GB for BioShock Infinite. Irrational Games has put forth a wish list of PC parts for its impending single-player shooter in required and recommended forms, as is the tradition (interestingly, the “Recommended” spec demands 30 GB of space).

Pop inside for the run-down, and for bonus details about BioShock Infinite’s benchmark tool courtesy of the game’s technical director.