PopCap and Wooga abandon Google+

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Google+ was designed to bring down Facebook. Thanks to backing from the likes of Wooga and PopCap, it even launched with its own suite of games to challenge Facebook giants like Farmville. Things haven't quite turned out that way, though. Gamasutra report that PopCap and Wooga are taking their games off the service less than a year after it launched. Ouch.

Gamasutra realised that something was up when they approached the two companies asking for Google+ success stories. A PopCap rep responded by saying "we're not really up for a conversation on that topic, I'm afraid." Ouch.

PopCap for sale? EA rumoured to be making a $1 billion offer

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There are strong rumours flying around suggesting that EA are in the late stages of negotiating a deal to buy up PopCap for a massive ONE BILLION dollars. Edge picked up a report from TechCrunch, who have been approached by two unnamed sources who say that Electronic Arts are about to spend 13% of its stock market value to buy up the casual games developer.

Bejeweled 3 Review

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I’ve been in a trance-like state for the last two hours, subconsciously creating rows of identically coloured gems and breathing in time to visual cues, while the sound of falling rain coerces me into a deep, meditative state. Bejeweled 3’s new Zen mode is remarkable.

Massive PopCap sale, all games half price

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PopCap are holding a Thanksgiving winter sale, with all of their games selling for half price. That means a chance to scoop Plants vs Zombies, Peggle and Bejeweled 2 for almost $10 each.

The sale is set to run until November 29th over on the PopCap site. For an insight into inception and development of these games check out our interviews with George Fan on the making of Plants vs. Zombies, and Jason Kapalka on the inception on development of PopCap's most addictive opus, Peggle.

Yeah, we did just call Peggle an opus. Eat it, unicorn haters.

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It's PopCap week here on, kicking off with the first juicy details of Bejeweled 3. And as a special gift to those signed up to our site, we're giving away 10,000 copies of Bejeweled 2 - usually £14.99. All you have to do is be a registered member of our site at around 5pm tomorrow evening GMT (1pm EDT), and be signed up to receive our newsletter. If you've already signed up but aren't sure if you checked that box, you can find out and change your preference at your user control panel. Otherwise, sign up now - it's free.

You'll get an e-mail to the address you signed up with, containing your code and a link for where to use it. You won't need credit card details, just a name and e-mail address. The giveaway will work on a first come, first served basis, so once 10,000 people have snagged their copies, the offer will expire. Right now there's plenty for everyone, but we can't guarantee whether there will be by tomorrow.

Interview: John Vechey on founding PopCap, making Bejeweled

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PopCap Games are the creators of Bejeweled, Peggle and Plants vs. Zombies, each of them one of the biggest and most lovable games on PC. When casual and social games are reaching ever larger audiences and their developers are getting a bad reputation for poor design practices, how have PopCap managed to find fans amongst gamers and grannies alike? To find out, I visited the studio and interviewed everyone I could find. We're running those interviews each day this week and calling it PopCap Week.

We begin with John Vechey. As one of PopCap's three co-founders, he's been with the company since the beginning and instrumental in growing the studio from three friends working from home, to a massive operation with hundreds of people. He also played a key role in developing the studios biggest game, Bejeweled. I spoke to him about when PopCap was originally named Sexy Action Cool, what he thinks Activision and EA are screwing up, and about where the idea for Bejeweled came from.