Goodbye BBFC, hello PEGI - All change for the official UK games ratings system

Richard Cobbett at

Yes, it's time to say a fond farewell to those bright 15 and 18 logos on games. PEGI is now in charge with a completely different set of age ratings - 12+ to 18+ with a few pauses in the middle to let teenagers legally shoot some stuff in the face too. Let's take a closer look at the new rules, and remember some of the highs and lows of the BBFC's tenure as gaming's moral protectors.

Dragon Age 2 has 103 minutes of cut-scenes

Matt Purslow at

BioWare's Dragon Age 2 has an hour and three-quarters worth of cut-scenes it has been revealed.

The 103-minute figure was revealed in the BBFC's rating of the game. Dragon Age 2 has - like it's predecessor - been rated with an 18 certificate, with no cuts made to its 'strong bloody violence'. This comes of no surprise considering the overhauled combat system that Dragon Age 2 sports, which looks to be more visceral than the one present in Origins.

[via EuroGamer]