MechWarrior Online contest puts free BattleMech up for grabs this weekend

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One good way to get pilots into the hot seat of a new 'Mech is to let them fight for it. This weekend MechWarrior Online is giving players a clear path to ownership of a hulking and asymmetrical Thunderbolt variant—win five matches and the machine is yours.

MechWarrior Tactics closed beta footage shows loadouts, gameplay

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MechWarrior Tactics developer Roadhouse Interactive has released an extensive new video detailing its upcoming BattleTech-inspired turn-based strategy game. Currently in the closed-beta phase of development, the footage offers insight into mech loadouts, gameplay, as well as the free-to-play title's economy.

MechWarrior Tactics closed beta launches, Founder packages detailed

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MechWarrior Tactics, the turn-based, free-to-play BattleTech brawl from Roadhouse Interactive, is gunning it into closed beta today. Looking to emulate the BattleTech tabletop game that inspired the slew of MechWarrior titles past and present, Tactics includes collectible card game elements, casting you as a mercenary commander in charge of a customizable, four-mech lance. Beginning today, MWT is up for sale; three tiers of buyable beta access (a business model that critiqued just yesterday) range from $20 all the way up to $120, with scaling rewards.

Why mechs are the most fun thing to shoot in a video game

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Not zombies. Not terrorists. Not bandits, pirates, helicopters, or mutant helicopters. After dedicating my life to research, I’ve determined that mechs are the most fun thing to shoot in a video game. MechWarrior’s mechs, specifically.

What makes mechs special? They’re voodoo dolls. And piñatas.

Reinstall: MechCommander

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MechWarrior Online implements cosmetic customization, AI voice-over, map variant

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Mechmakers Piranha Games deployed an update yesterday to MWO's slowly-growing closed beta that adds CamoSpec, the all-important system for redecorating your mech. Well, technically our MechWarrior Online issue was the first way mech pilots could apply paint to their hulking man-panzers, but Tuesday's patch formalizes the system within the game. Inside, I've taken a minute to pop into the MechLab to check it out in a video.

MechWarrior Tactics trailer wrecks mechs with missiles

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