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What we want from Star Wars: Battlefront

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A new Battlefront game is one of those holy grails of PC gaming that we’ve all been dreaming about since we were losing sleep to Battlefront 2 in 2005. Now that we’ve got confirmation that DICE is working on the next chapter in the Battlefront saga, our heads are spinning with hopes and dreams from a galaxy far, far away. Here’s what we want from the new Battlefront.

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 footage shows early build of abandoned Free Radical sequel

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Yesterday a site found what appeared to be old Battlefront 3 files tucked away on the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City disc. Today, VG247 spot footage of a work-in-progress build of Battlefront 3 has hit the web, showing action from the sequel that was being worked on by Free Radical, now abandoned.

Even though the project has been moved elsewhere, the footage provides a glimpse of what might have been. Skip to the 1:44 mark to get to the actual running/flying/shooting part. Watch, and imagine what a new Battlefront game would look like with the full power of a modern engine behind it.

Star Wars: Battlefront 3 files discovered on Resident Evil: Raccoon City disc

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Whatever happened to Battlefront? Nobody really knows. Not even that scowling mystical turnip, Yoda. but Betagames claim to have found remnants of a Battlefront project in the form of images stashed away on the Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City disk. That seems like an odd place to leave some spare files, but Raccoon City developers, Slant Six were rumoured to have been working on the third game in the Battlefront series for a while. The files include a variety of pro-quality loading screens and some odd bits of texture work, including a hideous image of Luke Skywalker's face stretched out on a 2D plane. Eeeugh.