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EA's Play4Free becomes Origin Free to Play

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In what's sure to go down as a victory in the campaign to eradicate pointless numbers from the names of things, Play4Free - EA's unnecessarily styled moniker for what everyone else calls free to play - is being renamed. Games like Battlefield Heroes, Need for Speed World, Battlefield Play4Free and *shudder* Command & Conquer: Tibererium Alliances all now live under the label "Origin Free to Play".

EA, Cryptic, Riot discuss "dead" subscription models, free-to-play's influence

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GamesIndustry sat down with members of various studios for a lengthy exploration into the industry's shifting perception of freemium game development, the climbing popularity of free-to-play MMO subscription models, and the shaky balancing act between "money-grabs" and quality free ventures. EA (Battlefield Play4Free), Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online), Riot Games (League of Legends), and 22 Cans (Curiosity) shared their thoughts on the steady-yet-rocky proliferation of free content.

PC Gamer US Podcast #269: Portals Party

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Josh, Dan, Evan, Anthony, and Lucas believe they're recording just another podcast in just another average recording studio. But in reality, Aperture Science is bathing the room in radiation to test out their new Superhero mutation program! Will it work? Will Dan grow a third arm to battle crime as The Arm of the Law? Will Evan finally get the built-in, mind-controlled jetpack he's always dreamed of, and rightly deserves? At the very least, the radiation seems to have affected some of their judgments (Josh, we're looking at you and your opinion of Super Meat Boy). Join us as we talk about all the big news swirling around Portal 2, Battlefield 3 pre-order incentives, your listener questions and more!

PC Gamer US Podcast 269: Portals Party

Battlefield 3 pre-orders unlock Battlefield Play4Free items and weapons

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Players that pre-order Battlefield 3 will get free items in Battlefield Play4Free, according to a new post on the Battlefield blog. The bonus unlocks include a bright yellow beret, and more importantly, a Battlefield 3 Edition 870 Combat shotgun, described as being "one of the most effective close-quarter weapons in history."

The offer applies to those who pre-order the game through the EA store. The powerful shotgun is balanced out by the fluorescent beret, which ought to make it much easier for other players to shoot you in the head.

Battlefield Play4Free is free to download and play now from the Battlefield Play4Free site. Battlefield 3, meanwhile, won't be out until November. If you can't wait that long, DICE recently released 12 minutes of in-game footage. You'll find an image of the unlockable Battlefield Play4Free items below

Battlefield Play4Free: first impressions

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The newest addition to our beloved Battlefield franchise, Battlefield Play4Free was released yesterday. As its name so unsubtly informs, it marches under the oh-so-popular "free-mium" banner. This means you can play the game for absolutely free if you want to--but you always have the option to pay for better weapons or experience points if you'd rather not wait to earn it over time. I'm a big fan of the Battlefield franchise, so I poked my nose around the game the past two days to see if it lives up to its heritage.

EA manager says $60 games are "exploitative"

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General manager at EA Ben Cousins has been talking about the benefits of the free-to-play model ahead of the launch of the Battlefield Play4Free open beta in April. He says that he believes the $60 pricing on games is "exploitative," and considers the full priced game market to be "a really harsh business model."

The Sunday Video Pwn

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Kinect hacks are pretty cool. Mixing Kinect with the Source engine is a completely different deal. Check out coder John Boiles as he kicks many Dr. Kleiners across a map with DOG in Gary's Mod. There's also much box hurling, and a whole lot of ragdoll creepiness going on.

Battlefield: Play4Free trailer shows fighter jets

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If you can get past the silly name, it's well worth pointing your eyeballs at the above trailer for Battlefield Play4Free. It shows some combat from the Oman map, but most of the focus is on the skies, where a squadron of fighter jets are contributing to the war effort with loop-the-loops and formation flying. The game's currently in closed beta, which you can sign up for on the Battlefield Play4Free site. There's an open beta arriving in April. Battlefield: Bad Company players will get early access.

Battlefield Play4Free will be the "biggest Western free-to-play title in the world"

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Senior Producer of Battlefield Heroes Ben Cousins has revealed in his conference at GDC the trials his team went through with Battlefield Heroes, and that the game's players are "crash test dummies" for Battlefield Play4Free, which he hopes will become the "biggest Western free-to-play title in the world." Read on for the details.

Battlefield Play4Free developed with 10 to 15 percent of Battlefield 3's budget

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Speaking at GDC yesterday, Ben Cousins has revealed that Battlefield Play4Free cost a mere 10 to 15 percent of the upcoming Battlefield 3's budget to develop, and that it's already making a profit through microtransactions. Battlefield Play4Free is currently in beta, and has taken 600,000 signatures since testing began on November 30 last year.

Players of Battlefield 1943, or either of the Battlefield: Bad Company games, will get access to the Beta on March 1. Followers of the official twitter feed and Facebook page will be able to play on April 4.

The first footage of Battlefield 3 was released yesterday. I still do a little ooh-rah every time I watch it. Tom has been the Battlefield Play4Free beta. He's not ooh-rahing quite so much.

(via Gamasutra)

Battlefield Play4Free open beta arriving in April, early access for Bad Company players

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On Monday April 4 you'll be able to put Bullets2Heads in the Battlefield Play4Free open beta. EA say that 600,000 people have already signed up for the closed beta, and that some players will get early access. If you've played Battlefield: Bad Company 1 or 2, your EA account will give you access on March 31. Those following Battlefield Play4Free on Facebook and Twitter will get access on April 2. Use those two days well. You can sign up for the beta on the Battlefield Play4Free site.

Battlefield Play4Free unlocks system detailed

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Battlefield Play4Free will be a free-to-play Battlefield game with Battlefield 2's maps and Battlefield: Bad Company 2's weapons. Easy Studios have been talking more about how character customisation and levelling up will work in the game. Instead of Bad Company 2's linear unlocks, players will gain points that can be spent on a choice of skills to improve their character, unlocking different roles within each class. Read on for more information, and some hot skill trees.

EA say in-game advertising in decline, microtransactions the way forward

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EA's general manager of free-to-play gaming has said that in-game advertising is in decline and microtransactions are proving to be much more lucrative. Ben Cousins was talking of Battlefield4Free when he suggested the days of advertising billboards in games may be over.

Battlefield Play4Free closed beta launches tonight

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Battlefield Play4Free is a free to play Battlefield game that uses Battlefield 2's maps and Battlefield: Bad Company 2's weapons and class system. A closed beta for the game kicks off tonight for all those lucky players invited.

New Battlefield Play4Free trailer and details released

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A new Battlefield Play4Free video has appeared in which DICE Senior Producer Ben Cousins delivers the latest juicy details on EA's upcoming free-to-play version of Battlefield, which will let us fight on Battlefield 2 maps with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 weapons and classes. A lengthy FAQ also reveals some more nuggests about the game, including details of how to sign up for the closed beta. The trailer is embedded below, along with a summary of the new features.