Battlefield 3: End Game

Battlefield 3: End Game continues DICE's dino obsession with pterodactyl Easter Egg

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Battlefield 3's End Game DLC may have appeased futurists by including a miniature hovering dropship from Battlefield 2142, but what about fans of late-Jurassic period dinosaurs, hey DICE? Come on, where's your bizarre Easter egg for those guys? Oh, it's on the Nebandan Flats, in the form of a pterodactyl that's merrily flapping about the place.

Battlefield 3: End Game features serenely floating Battlefield 2142 Easter egg

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Just as DICE adores filling Battlefield 3's battlefields with the bangs and bullets befitting its Frostbite 2 engine, it also loves sprinkling craftily hidden Easter eggs as nods to other games it's worked on. The futuristic, fan-favorite Battlefield 2142 previously left some graffiti on a shipping crate on the Wake Island map, but the impending End Game add-on includes something a little less subtle. Thanks to explorer KingEmperorPure (via Gameranx), a video shows the Kharg Island location of a cutely shrunken and silently floating 2142 dropship stickered with a faction logo.

Battlefield 3: End Game launch trailer jumps the gun - available to Premium players next week

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EA have released the launch trailer for Battlefield 3's final DLC pack, End Game. Logically, then, you'd assume this last hooah of maps, vehicles and modes has released? Nope! The huddled troops of the PC nation have another week to wait for the End Game supply drop. Meanwhile an army of PS3 owning premium members are free to unwrap the new arsenal from today. Fie on their black boxes and reduced server size!

Battlefield 3: End Game flaunts Air Superiority

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Despite having spent hours with Battlefield 3, my jet-setting career has been far from illustrious. A few minutes soaring high above the carnage below, an idle attempt to shoot something and, inevitably, a nose-first crash into a building while desperately hoping no-one was looking. Even with my gross incompetence, I'm looking forward to End Game's Air Superiority mode. The 12 vs. 12 dogfights look like just the intensive crash course in aerobatic aptitude that I need. In preparation for End Game's March release, DICE have unveiled the mode's very first screenshot.

Battlefield 3: End Game maps have snow, sand, forests, secret ramps

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Battlefield 3: Ramps of WAR would be a better title for the final expansion pack. It adds a new AA vehicle, capture the flag, jumpy dirt bikes and four quite large new maps. "They are comparable to Caspian Border and Operation Firestorm from the base game" say DICE in the latest post on the Battlefield blog. Expect to hit conveniently collapsed bridges/angled stone slabs for massive air across desert, arctic and alpine locales. Spy them for yourself in the new screenshots below.

Battlefield 3 End Game's Capture the Flag looks like ridiculous fun

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Watching this trailer for Battlefield 3's final DLC pack, End Game, you can see why many online shooters have started to replace the flag part of Capture the Flag with Intelligence, Bombs - really anything that isn't a flag. It does seem a little bit silly when you think about it.

Battlefield 3 themed DLC packs to add new guns and "the biggest map in Battlefield history"

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Get set, Battlefield 3 fans, THREE themed DLC packs have been announced. The first will be out in June, and will be called Close Quarters. As the name suggests, it'll add new maps designed for frantic fights between footsoldiers. These new environments will fall apart during battles as "everything from furniture to plaster gets shot to pieces." It'll also have ten new weapons that can be unlocked by completing assignments, a la Back to Karkand. One of the four new maps, a stylish office block called Ziba tower, is currently being shown at GDC.

The second pack sounds more dramatic. It's called Armoured Kill, and will be a lot more tanky. DICE say it will contain the biggest Battlefield map ever, and will add mobile artillery, new tanks and ATVs. That's set to arrive this Autumn.