Battlefield 3: Armoured Kill

Flower survives Battlefield 3: Armoured Kill trailer against all odds

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Battlefield 3 players think about tanks once every six seconds, but how often do they think about the flowers? NEVER, I bet. How many daisies have you crushed while driving your M1A2 Abrams into a squad of engineers? Some, probably.

The Armoured Kill launch trailer is the tale of one flower that survives a huge tank battle on one of the expansion's four new maps. The map pack is out on Xbox today. Premium players will get to jump in and dodge the daisies next Tuesday. All other paying customers can get in on September 25. Wonderfully stupid scenes of all-out-tank-battle-war and miraculous flower survival follow.

Battlefield 3 trailer takes a scenic tour of Armoured Kill's Alborz Mountain map

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DICE are promising to push the Frostbite 2 engine further than ever with September's DLC pack, Armoured Kill. The maps added by the update will be some of the biggest Battlefield battlefields we've ever seen, and it looks as though could turn out to be the prettiest, too. A post on the Battlefield blog from senior environment artist Andrew Hamilton goes over some of the improvements DICE artists are bringing to the new maps, including "higher resolution terrain and vegetation textures, more detail in organic objects such as tree trunks and higher density of objects scattering the landscape."

According to Hamilton, we'll be able to see sand sparkling when lying prone on Bandar desert, the transition between snow and earth has been carefully tweaked and reflection masks allow the team to render realistic ice sheets. See a few of those effects in the screenshots and video of the Alborz Mountains map below. It almost looks too nice to blow up. Almost.

Battlefield 3 Armored Kill screenshots show tanks tanking it up, plus enthusiastic jeep

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"More Armored Kill? But September's miles off!" thought Tom, mentally still trapped in June. And yet, new screens are here, and the next Battlefield 3 expansion pack will be too next month. If Close Quarters was Battlefield 3 trying to beat Call of Duty at its own game, then Armoured Kill looks more like Battlefield trying to achieve maximum Battlefield while simultaneously singing the Battlefield national anthem, which goes like this: "Tanks, tanks, tanks, tanks!" and so on. You can join in as you cast your eye over these three new screens which feature some awesome war machines, and a jeep trying too hard to impress.

Battlefield 3 Aftermath DLC detailed: four maps, new game mode, new vehicles

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Battlefield 3's December DLC pack, Aftermath, will contain four maps set in and around Tehran. A devastating earthquake has shattered the city, but remnants of both occupying military forces do battle among the ruins using some heavily converted civilian vehicles to gain an edge.

"With operational capacity severely compromised the opposing forces must adapt and engage in vertical and horizontal urban combat amongst the dust and rubble with cracks and fissures in the terrain providing unexpected cover and paths to objectives," DICE explain on the Battlefield site.

Battlefield 3 Armoured Kill trailer shows snow maps, flaming gunships, carnage

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The latest Battlefield trailer gives us our first proper look at some of the main features of September's Armoured Kill DLC pack, including more of the biggest Battlefield map ever, Bandar Desert, and a gorgeous new snowy map. Battlefield fans, you really want to check this one out.

Battlefield 3's biggest map "re-discovering the classic Battlefield" say DICE

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So DICE may or may not be working on Battlefield 4, but they're definitely building Armoured Kill, an upcoming DLC pack that promises to bring us the biggest Battlefield map ever. It's called Bandar Desert, it's set in Iran, and according to a blog post from DICE last week, it's going to be enormous.

Jøran Holberg takes us through some of the details. There will be 1.9km between deployment zones, 2.4 km between jet spawn points, and the map is 1.9km wide at its broadest point. That's 800m longer and wider than Caspian Border. Planes will be able to dogfight in the mountainous areas surrounding a huge area that features stretches of open desert for tank battles, and some built up areas for squabbling foot soldiers.

Battlefield 3 themed DLC packs to add new guns and "the biggest map in Battlefield history"

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Get set, Battlefield 3 fans, THREE themed DLC packs have been announced. The first will be out in June, and will be called Close Quarters. As the name suggests, it'll add new maps designed for frantic fights between footsoldiers. These new environments will fall apart during battles as "everything from furniture to plaster gets shot to pieces." It'll also have ten new weapons that can be unlocked by completing assignments, a la Back to Karkand. One of the four new maps, a stylish office block called Ziba tower, is currently being shown at GDC.

The second pack sounds more dramatic. It's called Armoured Kill, and will be a lot more tanky. DICE say it will contain the biggest Battlefield map ever, and will add mobile artillery, new tanks and ATVs. That's set to arrive this Autumn.