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PC Gamer's terrifying Battle Bus is why you should play ArmA 2

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While other, less war-hungry citizens of Earth were watching a movie awards show last weekend, our insane ArmA 2 community was violating seven protocols of the Geneva Convention by taking over an entire country with a weaponized bus. Here's a video of how we did it.

Last night, on the PC Gamer ArmA server...

Evan Lahti at

Good men died on our ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead server ("The War Walrus," as we like to call it) last night. Brave, strong, 15-year-old men died. But they did it nobly: we were on a morning raid to rescue four members of the press (in our imagination, courageous game writers captured by the enemy). Along the way, we shot down a helicopter with light machine guns. Here's how it went down.