Banished mod support is on the way, says developer

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I killed a lot of people in Banished. You may have read something about that. The medieval settlement simulator has a distinct SimCity vibe to it but operates on a much more personal level: Individual settlers have names and lives and sometimes alarmingly delicate constitutions, which is problematic when you're in the middle of a heavy winter and the guy who's supposed to be out chopping trees has turned into one. That sort of dilemma may soon be considerably less troublesome, however, as developer Luke Hodorowicz recently revealed that he's spent the past few weeks working to bring mod support to the game.

Banished photo essay: 25 years of farming and surviving harsh winters

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The town of Dolothia was established when five families were unceremoniously banished from a nearby nation. The exact circumstances of this banishment were never explained to me, and I didn’t press the issue.

After The PCG Herald heard about the town’s struggle to survive in the wilderness, I was dispatched as a field reporter to document its early years. What I found was a harsh reality where 10-year-olds work fields in driving rain and snow, a bad harvest kills families, and a single misstep leaves the town frozen during winter. In the end I was embedded in Dolothia for 25 years, chronicling its struggles and triumphs in photos and timelapse gifographs. This is the life of a Banished town.

Banished review

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I killed a lot of people in Banished. I saw them born and I watched my decisions kill them. Stripping the land, building homes, and planting vast swaths of crops seemed like a good idea, but things got ugly when a hard winter set in. Firewood stockpiles were meager and the distance to new trees was too great to keep up with demand. Then tools started to break, and I don't know what happened to all the iron but there wasn't any for the blacksmith, so folks just did the best they could, which wasn't very good at all. From there, the colony didn't take long to spiral down into my own private Roanoke.

Chill out with an hour of zen-like Banished gameplay footage

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We recently learned that Banished, the quasi-medieval city builder by solo dev Luke Hodorowicz, will finally be available next month on February 18. Now a full hour of gameplay footage has been set free, and we can see the ebb and flow of the final release. I’ve been watching it, and let me tell you: this game is pretty relaxing. Granted, my zen-like calm did begin to crack during the summer famine, when citizens began dying off at an alarming rate.

Banished will be cast out into the wild on February 18th

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Freeform city-building game Banished now has a release date, and if you didn't read it in the headline up there, fans of placing and maintaining buildings will be pleased to hear that it's coming next month. The 18th of next month, to be precise, after two-and-a-bit years of development by its sole developer Luke Hodorowicz. You'll be able to buy the sorta-medieval, non-restrictive city-builder from the game's website or from Steam, and it'll set you back "around $20".

More Banished details emerge from developer AMA

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Luke Hodorowicz is taking on the monumental (emphasis on mental) task of developing a city building simulation, Banished, all on his own. He took to Reddit recently with an AMA, which was a very interesting read about what that his development process is like, but also revealed some new basic details about the game. For starters, Hodorowicz thinks the game will sell for around $20, and is hoping for a January release, though this depends on final testing.

Banished interview: player choice in an indie city builder sandbox game

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Banished, the medieval-ish city building game from indie developer Luke Hodorowicz, raised some eyebrows early this summer when it seemed to come out of nowhere. Tyler was suffering from SimCity fatigue at the time, and beautiful videos of small towns quietly living off the land cured what ailed him.

Banished alpha footage mixes survival and city building, makes your day better

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Alpha footage of Banished, a city builder from one-man developer Shining Rock Software, walked right by me as it went to YouTube a couple days ago. What was I looking at while it passed behind my back? Something that isn't Banished? That was dumb. Not that I haven't enjoyed it when it works, but after playing way too much SimCity, I really need to look at something different. Right now, I want to look at Banished, and then kiss it right in its small-scale, super-detailed city management face.