Bad Company 2

How to tell a true virtual war story

Rob Zacny at

At Ars Technica, Ben Kuchera tells the searing story of a young medic who joins an assault team charged with storming enemy positions. The only problem is, the assault team is composed entirely of snipers, and refuses to move out. He asks his CO about it:

"The squad leader grinned coldly before bringing the binoculars up to his eyes. 'Of course we're the attacking force. That's why it's so important for every man under my command to pick up a sniper rifle and wait here, at our base.'

He nodded to himself, sure of his strategy. 'Snipers as far as the eye can see. Sooner or later... they'll come to us.'"

This and other anecdotes are hilarious gags at the expense of the way games like Battlefield work, and gamers' seemingly bottomless appetite for killing things through long-range sights, and driving vehicles they don't know how to use.

Medal of Honour beta starts on June 21

Tim Edwards at

At their E3 press conference in Los Angeles, EA have announced that the multiplayer beta for the new Medal of Honour game will be launched on June 21st, or even earlier for their hardest of hardcore fans. Which is a week today. Here's a good reason to get excited: the multiplayer is being made by DICE, and from we saw, it's a cross between Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2.