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The Walking Dead and other Telltale adventures fall victim to the Humble Weekly Sale

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The shambling Humble menace has claimed fresh victims. Not content with sucking the price out of assorted indie games for the excellently varied Humble Indie Bundle 8, they've also ambushed Telltale - creators of the brilliant The Walking Dead adaptation - in order to feed their Weekly Sale. Can they ever be stopped? Remember to aim for the wallet.

Indie Royale's Lunar Bundle contains Back to the Future, Cargo Commander

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That's no moon. No, really, some of the games in the Indie Royale Lunar Bundle take place in space, but none of them appear to be set on - or are even about - the Moon. Still, nonsensical titles can be forgiven when the upshot is a four pack of pay-what-you-want indie games, including Back to the Future and the enjoyably tense zero gravity platformer Cargo Commander.

Telltale talks about its future beyond The Walking Dead

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The adventure veterans at Telltale Games are keeping themselves busy fashioning the second season of The Walking Dead (which earned our Best Writing of 2012 award), but they're making it clear that they want to develop a narrative-driven game for another major franchise. Telltale co-founder Dan Connors told Red Bull UK he'd like the studio to work on something larger in scale, citing Half-Life and Star Wars as examples.

Grand Theft Auto 4 mod requires 1.21 gigawatts for fully functional Back to the Future DeLorean

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Just when it seems the mod scene for Grand Theft Auto 4 lets off the gas from implausibly gorgeous visual upgrades and gravity-mocking physics, it surges back with an amazingly dedicated homage to Back to the Future's time-traveling DeLorean. Crafted by YouTuber "seedyrom34," the mod mixes a custom cocktail ("There is no single download link," seedy states) of heavily altered files, sounds, and tweaks cobbled together to form the onslaught of awesome in the video below.

Steam Potato Sack sale strikes back, 13 indie games half-price again

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Come with me, back into the distant past. Don't mind that wibbly blurry effect and that "WooOOoOOooOO" noise, that's just what happens when you go back in time. We're almost there. All you have to do is click this link and make the transition to April 4 2011!

Back to the Future review

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There are moments in Telltale’s latest episodic adventure series that will remind you exactly why you love Back to the Future. And you do. By law, you do. The little twinkling sound as the story starts. The sheer joy of seeing Marty and Doc reunited for one last adventure. The moment the DeLorean hits 88mph. Nostalgic hits like that fondle the old geek glands like nothing else, and just for a split second, a game that offers them can do no wrong.

Back to the Future: Episode 3 review

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In this episode of the ongoing Back to the Future adventure game, Marty crashes into a world ruled by a Big Brother version of Doc Brown. It’s sterile, it’s empty, and has no sense of fun. So is Hill Valley under Doc. Sigh. What went wrong this time, Telltale?

Back to the Future: Episode 1 is now free

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The first episode of Telltale's series of Back to the Future adventure games is now free to all. You can download it from the Back to the Future site. You'll need to sign up for a free Telltale account first, but once that's done, the game is yours. Episode 1 is called "It's about time," and has Marty travelling back in time in the trusty Delorean to save Doc from trouble. Episode 3 of the 5 part series came out last week.

Download Back to the Future: The Game Episode 1 for free

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Telltale Games is using the power of love on PC gamers, offering the first installment of its latest adventure series, Back to the Future: The Game, completely free! Sure, this isn't our favorite of Telltale's episodic adventures, but you'd be an April fool to turn down a free game. Read on for a download link—it is your density. I mean, your destiny.

Back to the Future: Episode One review

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Back to the Future is about a young Michael J Fox accidentally going back in time to 1955 using a time-travelling DeLorean. While there, he threatens his own existence by altering history, and in trying to save himself gains a greater understanding of his parents, saves his friend Doc Brown from Libyan terrorists, and builds himself a better future. It still holds up today as a wonderfully written adventure film, filled with exciting set-pieces, funny dialogue and plenty of heart.

Near the start of this first chapter of the episodic Back to the Future: The Game, the DeLorean returns to Marty containing only Doc Brown’s dog Einstein, and a shoe. To find out what time period the car has come from, Marty Uses Shoe on Dog, and Einstein leads him to a little old lady’s house. Marty solves the mystery by having a chat, turning a radiator on, and hunting through some old newspapers.

Are Telltale making a Walking Dead game?

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Speculation is rife that adventure games developer Telltale are working on a title based on The Walking Dead. Read on for the details.

Back to the Future Episode 1 is out next week

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Telltale games have announced that the first episode in their five part Back to the Future adventure game series will be released Wednesday December 22nd. Until then the whole series is still available to pre-order from the Telltale site for $24.95, a deal which also includes a free copy of Puzzle Agents. Part 1 is called "It's About Time", and will have Marty McFly hopping into the DeLorean to travel back in time and save Doc from jail. For an advanced look at what's in store, check out the debut trailer.

Telltale reveal Back to the Future character details

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The Back to the Future website has been updated with information about the characters that we'll be meeting in episode one, and some hints at where we'll be headed in future episodes of the time travelling adventure series.

First Back to the Future trailer has arrived, Doc is in trouble

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The first trailer for the upcoming Back to the Future adventure games has arrived. Marty McFly is alone in the present, and money men are looking to sell off Doc's lab. The time travelling DeLorean reappears in the nick of time and McFly sets off to find the Doc. As well as giving us a look at the game's clean faced graphical style, the trailer also reveals the titles of each of the five episodes. You'll find the video embedded below

First Back to the Future screens unveiled

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The first screens of Telltale's Back to the Future adventure games have appeared, showing us what Marty and Doc will look like when part one of the adventure series is released in December. You'll find the new images embedded below.

First episode of Back to the Future currently free

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Earlier we mentioned that Telltale's episodic Back to the Future was coming in December. Savygamer has spotted a chance to get the first episode for free. Simply head to the Telltale offer page and click the gigantic 'redeem' button, then create a free Telltale account. You'll need to give it your home address, but that's it: you're now the proud owner of BttF Episode 1. You might want to hurry, though, as there's no indication as to how long this offer will last.

Behind the scenes on Back to the Future game

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Telltale, creators of the recent Sam and Max adventure games and last year's Monkey island episodes, are working on a Back to the Future game. The adventure will span five episodes, and they're releasing Behind the Scenes videos as development goes along. We've embedded the three released thus far below. Pay special attention to the sound-alike voice actor doing Marty McFly - he's kind of incredible.