The PC Gamer Games of the Year 2013 award nominees

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PC Gamer editors are prohibited from celebrating Christmas. For the team, the end of the year is marked by an event known as “GOTY Sleepover,” a time where we somewhat-voluntarily sequester ourselves away from our families and loved ones in the interest of a greater good: selecting the best PC games of the year. We gather in a room with a very heavy door and very little ventilation and stay there until we’ve reached a unanimous decision on every award category. It’s a lot like the Papal conclave, but with more Cheetos.

Expect Titanfall, Witcher 3, previously unannounced Square Enix game trailers at VGX

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This year’s VGX (which, in case you’re confused, is a rebranding of Spike’s Video Game awards) should be even more exciting than usual. Oh, sure, there are the new consoles and the unveiling of new brands and sequels designed for them, but there will also be some brand new trailers for us PC gamers.

Spike VGA award nominations announced

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Gamerfitnation have spotted the list of Spike VGA awards nominations and, as ever, there's are some unusual decisions. Minecraft grabs a nominations for PC game of the year while indie favourite Bastion picked up a surprising five nominations, meanwhile Deus Ex: Human Revolution misses out on a nomination for Game of the Year and, most bizarrely of all, Battlefield 3 isn't nominated for Best Graphics.

The Spike VGA awards will take place on the 10th of December, and will see the unveiling of a new Bioware game (pictured above). Check inside for a breakdown of the relevant nominations:

Golden Joystick Awards voting open. Vote Minecraft! Win stuff!

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Voting has started on the annual Golden Joystick Awards, the longest running gaming award ceremony in the world. The Golden Joysticks are the only annual awards voted for by you, the gamers, which is why we want your help to make Minecraft a winner.

The smash hit indie game has been nominated in the new Best Downloadable category along with fellow PC Gamer favourite Frozen Synapse. It's a category mostly filled with console downloads, including big stars like Lara Croft and Sonic, so to see Minecraft take the top spot would be a real victory for the PC indie scene. Plus, can you imagine Notch's face? He's a lovely man who deserves a lovely award. Make it happen readers!