Auto Club Revolution

Free-to-play racing game Auto Club Revolution has gone live

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Veteran racing game developer Eutechnyx has kept their online free-to-play game Auto Club Revolution in various stages of testing for two years, with the open beta having begun over a year ago. Executive Producer Christoph Vietzke cited "strict criteria" for the wait—and apparently, that criteria has now been met, as ACR has officially launched today. Oh, and if you were a beta tester, you get a bonus gift as a thank-you for helping to improve and shape the game.

Auto Club Revolution open beta is go, race for free

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There aren't a great many free to play racers out there. If Need For Speed World's reliance on single-use power-ups puts you off, and Trackmania's spiralling tracks feel a little too mad, you might want to try Auto Club Revolution. It's just entered open beta, which means you can sign up for an account, download the tracks and start racing for free.

As you race you can unlock new cars and tuning options, and there's a fairly decent car customisation suite that will let you decorate your ride with decals and new paint schemes. It's made by Eutechnyx. who developed last year's official Nascar game and, before that, Ferrari challenge, so don't expect any giant blue shells or homing rockets in this one. You can sign up and start playing on the Auto Club Revolution site.

Auto Club Revolution closed beta starts this month

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Auto Club Revolution is a new free to play racing sim aimed at car lovers interested in "owning, customising, driving, racing, and most importantly, enjoying cars online." It's being handled by verteran dev Eutechnyx, who have been making racing games for the past 14 years. They say that the game will include "single player and multiplayer modes, drafting (slipstreaming), drifting, a fully-featured HUD, a suite of assists and much more."

The closed beta will kick off later this month. You can sign up here. More details and screenshots follow.