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Allods Online New Horizons to add smugglers and mercenaries, build your own allod

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If you've never played the free to play MMO Allods Online before, you may not know that Allods are huge islands that drift through astral space, tempting adventurers ashore with promises of loot and monster slaying. At high levels, players can build their own huge astral galleons and explore the misty purple realm between worlds.

Upcoming update, New Horizons will give you the chance to sail out into the astral plane and build an island of your own. You can choose between a jungle, arctic and desert setting and erect a tower to warn off would-be looters, and then farm the resources that your allod generates to boost your gear and earn a bit of gold along the way.

Allods Online to launch with new expansion

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Free-to-play MMO Allods Online will officially launch in the next few months, though the game has playable for quite a while now. Three major expansions have been released during its long open beta period, but with the addition of volume 4, the game will officially go live. Volume 4 is set to raise the level cap to 47, add new questing areas, rebalanced raids and more. There's no exact date for the launch yet, but it's coming "very soon." You'll find nine new screens of the game below.

Allods Online update lessens the cost of death

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Free to play fantasy MMO Allods Online has had a chequered past when it comes to its take on microtransactions, implementing systems that encourage players to pay for items to overcome death punishments. The most recent update has taken significant steps towards resolving some of the problems that many Allods players have been struggling with.