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Ask the Expert: Fixing a broken internet

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It's Wednesday here on the PC Gamer blog which means that we're late in posting our PC Gaming helpdesk. Our resident tech doctor, Adam Oxford, is in and ready to dispense diagnostic advice. He'll also answer all your hardware related questions. Except, “where do chips come from, Mummy”? You're far too young to know.

Ask the expert: should I turn off UAC?

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If cross platform gaming were a horse race, the PC would be a thoroughbred. Faster, more powerful and with a penchant for expensive oats. Like any infinitely rarified animal or highly tuned machine, though, it doesn't take much to cause it damage. Our resident tech vet Adam Oxford is here to put it out of your misery.

Ask the expert: cooling your PC

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The hot weather has provided a theme for this week's PC gaming helpdesk. Cooling concerns have cropped up over and over again, so how much do you need to worry about what your CPU's temperature?

Every Tuesday, our hardware expert Adam Oxford is on hand to answer your hardware and software gripes. If you've got a question, ask below in the comments, or in the tech folder in our forum.

Ask the expert: your questions answered

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We know PC Gaming can be hard. We know stuff breaks, and we know how painful and brutal it can feel when your PC fails. We think we can help. Every week, Adam Oxford, PC Gamer's resident hardware expert will be answering your PC game hardware and software questions. If you want to submit your own questions, let us know in the Tech Folder on the forum, in the comments below, or via email. Let's get on with the show.