Armor Sets

World of Warcraft gets new TV commercials, teases Season 12 armor sets

Josh Augustine at

Mists of Pandaria is exactly two weeks away, and that means it's time for ads with fighting pandas, angry orcs, and malnourished humans to start popping up during prime time TV.

Get a sneak peek at the two new TV shorts inside, cut from the lengthy cinematic we showed you awhile back. And then check out the expansion's hottest gear, just revealed this week, to see what your character could look like if you decide to jump back in.

Tomorrow's Rift 1.3 patch will add Armor Sets to Telara [Updated]

Jonathan H. Cooper at

The next big Rift content update, which hits servers tomorrow morning, will bring big changes to Telara, including the beginning stages of the Hammerknell opening event--a massive battle between the elemental planes of Death and Water. Several other highly anticipated features, such as Guild Banks and Character Transfers, will also be included. But there's one thing no one knew was coming—until now. We have exclusive details on one of the most exciting additions in this patch: the first tier of class-specific Armor Sets.