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Arma 3 trailer shows awesome vistas, underwater footage and tank physics

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This video demonstration for German mag, GameStar, spied by RPS, gives us our first look at Arma 3 in motion. Bohemia designer Ivan Buchta takes us through some of the improved physics, grenade effects, vehicle interiors and underwater sections that will feature in Arma 3, though the astonishing vistas threaten to steal the show.

Those impressive draw distances will require a hefty machine to render. Bohemia released the game's system specifications when they announced Arma 3 at E3. you can find full details in our Arma 3 announcement post, and get closer to those landscapes in the E3 Arma 3 screenshots.

Arma 3 will have sandbox singleplayer with side quests

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Arma 3 was announced at E3 this year with talk of an "open-ended" single player campaign and "sandbox-oriented combat gameplay." In a recent interview with Everyeye, spotted by Blues News, Bohemia designer Ivan Buchta expanded on this, revealing that Arma 3 single player will let you take quests form NPCs in an open-ended environment, and even pursue side missions to get hold of better equipment, support or new vehicles.

Operation Flashpoint to be re-released as Arma: Cold War Assault

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Following the release of Arma 2: Free earlier today, Bohemia Interactive drops another surprise. Operation Flashpoint, the landmark military-sim originally developed by Bohemia a decade ago, has been rebranded as Arma: Cold War Assault, and will be re-released with the Operation Flashpoint: Resistance expansion thrown in as a bonus.

If you already own Operation Flashpoint, you'll be able to download the new version for free. The rest of us will be able to buy the pack when it's released "through various online stores in the near future." There's no news on a precise date or pricing details just yet. Bohemia are re-releasing the classic to celebrate ten years of making military shooters, and promise that "more exciting releases will be made in the coming days and weeks ahead." Head over to the Bohemia Interactive site for more.

Arma 2: Free is free to download and play right now

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One of the biggest surprise announcements of E3 this year was that Arma 2 would be going free to play. Just a few weeks after that announcement, Arma 2 is now free to play. You can grab the 960MB download right here. Thanks to RPS for the heads up.

The free version will let you play the full game, including multiplayer, but locks off the highest graphics settings and cuts out mod support and the single player campaigns. Full map editing tools are present in the free version. If you've always been tempted to try a hyper-realistic war sim, this is one you have to try. We'll see you on the battlefield.

E3 2011: ARMA 2: Free announced. Multiplayer, completely free, and released in June

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Bohemia Interactive have just announced a free-to-play version of their outstanding war sim, Arma 2. It's going to be totally free, but 100% Arma. Click through for the details.

Arma 3 system requirements revealed

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Arma 3 is coming! In between all ofthe new Arma 3 info and shiny, shiny screenshots, Bohemia also released the system requirements for the game. Be warned, they're pretty high. It looks like some of us are going to have to upgrade if we're going to run the military sim when it's released in summer 2012.

Arma 3 announced, releasing Summer 2012, first screenshots

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After weeks of puzzles and hinting, Czech developer Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that a follow-up to its landmark military simulation game, Arma 3, is in development. It's still a PC exclusive, it's set somewhere in the Mediterranean, and it'll retain the fine, sandboxy, multiplayer-friendly, emergent warplay that we expect from the franchise with some key improvements. Within: I dissect every detail of the announcement, play Where In The World Is Arma Sandiego?, and change my pants.

Arma 2 webpage hacked, ARG senses tingling

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Something's afoot in Armaland, lads. Earlier today, Arma 2's official website was replaced with a message from a group named the "p3R51An 8lacK Hat5 8oy5." It's since been amended, but fake-real news site AAN continues to follow the details. We've previously seen AAN, which is run by Arma's developer Bohemia Interactive, used to build excitement for new releases. Hmm.

Whatever information this probable ARG is prepping, it isn't being terribly cagey at this point. "Spukayev," who's referenced in the hacked webpage, is an Arma 2 character--you blow up his house with a satchel charge in the original campaign. The militant mystery solvers of Arma 2's community are assembling other pieces here. I've posted another clue within.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River creative director doesn't "get much fun out of military simulations"

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River's creative director, Sion Lenton, thinks military simulations are “immersive” and “realistic” but not necessarily “fun.”

Speaking to PC Gamer, Sion directed gamers yearning for an accurately simulated warzone towards Bohemia Interactive's ArmA series, and claimed that PC is “Not the market to be in.”

Ooo-rah indeed.

ARMA 2 gets awesome Ghost Recon mod, war movie

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A modder has painstakingly recreated every mission from Ghost Recon: Island Thunder in ARMA 2. ARMA 2 player Fatal Papercut was such a fan of the maps that he decided to film a crack team as they played through the missions. The result is a pair of videos that perfectly capture the authenticity, and sense of tension that make ARMA's skirmishes great. You'll find the second mission, Jaguar Maze below.

PCG's ArmA adventures - "In Which A Volcano Kills Us All"

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As we do on most Saturdays, our ArmA 2 community rallied in Ventrilo last week to cooperate in the shooting of AI-controlled men. We did it with guns--realistic ones. Tangos were downed. Rules of engagement were occasionally observed. Compasses were used to indicate direction.

But there was also a volcano: a chimney of earth-hate overlooking our perfectly ordinary raid of an insurgent village. The volcano was angry. It melted the tires on our truck. Without warning, magma bombs began to fall all around us. The volcano's artillery nearly claimed me--a medic had to revive me amid the panic. We sardined ourselves into a Russian helicopter to escape. It didn't work.

Bohemia kick off ARMA community awards

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Bohemia Interactive are launching this year's community awards to reward the best and brightest modders for its military sims, ARMA and ARMA 2, including Operation Arrowhead and other expansions. If you've enjoyed playing the missions and mods offered up by the ARMA community, here's your chance to vote for the best.

ArmA 2: Private Military Company review

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I’m hunting for Russian tanks with an AS50 anti-materiel rifle. They’re guarding the dead forest that surrounds a nuclear site, idling over broken terrain like fat, metal deer.

Today in ArmA, I...

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...blew up a T-55 Russian tank with a sniper rifle by putting a bullet in its engine block. Video within.

ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead patch adds sneak preview of Private Military Company

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The latest patch for ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead will add vehicles and weapons from Private Military Company, giving players a preview of the new features included in the expansion.

Report from the frontlines of Arma II: Private Military Company

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The dodgy business of contracted military firms and mercenaries make up the back drop to the next slice of DLC for ARMA II. The ten new missions added in Private Military Company will introduce a host of new weapons and vehicles, and provide a single player and co-op campaign in which you play as a new faction. Read on for more information and a video report from the front line in Takistan.