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Weekend Game Deals - Square-Enix savings

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Weekend Game Deals

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Batman: Arkham City pre-order skins look awesome

Lucas Sullivan at

Warner Bros. Interactive, you are one sly devil. Pre-order bonuses are usually nothing to make a fuss over, but these retailer exclusive skins for Batman: Arkham City are a cut above. At the moment, they're only confirmed for a UK release, but to miss out on these nostalgic get-ups would be a travesty. Check out which costume is which and where you can get them, then dig up all your old Batman action figures for reference.

Arkham City trailer reveals Hugo Strange as new villain

Tom Senior at

A new Arkham City trailer adds Hugo Strange to the roster of super-villains that will be tormenting Arkham City next year. The video has Strange interrogating a SWAT team captain about an encounter with the caped crusader. Head below for footage of Batman violently doing what he does best.