Arena Commander

Star Citizen's Arena Commander module gets its biggest update yet

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Arena Commander, Star Citizen's multiplayer dogfighting module, took a big step forward today with the release of the v0.9 update. Cloud Imperium Games says it's "the most significant iteration of Arena Commander yet," adding new features, a pair of racing ships, new hangars, and a number of other improvements.

Arena Commander is now open to all backers, adds Capture the Core gameplay mode

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With access to Arena Commander now open to all backers, Star Citizen studio Cloud Imperium Games has begun the process of beefing up the action through the addition of new game modes. First up is Capture the Core, which as the title suggests is basically Capture the Flag, but in space.

Star Citizen update fixes "rubber banding," adds 50,000 more players to Arena Commander

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Star Citizen's Arena Commander is just the first part of a massive and ambitious space combat sim. It's also early code, which means there have been some issues, specifically with rubber banding. The Star Citizen Arena Commander 12.5 patch that went live last week appears to fix the rubber banding, however, and the module is in good enough shape that developer Cloud Imperium Games announced over the weekend that another 50,000 people now have access to the multiplayer module.

Star Citizen's Arena Commander module now available for backers

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It's been a long time coming, but after multiple delays, Star Citizen's dogfighting module—titled Arena Commander v0.8—has been released to backers. Expected last week (and at many other points over the last few months), the module was held back these few extra days due to critical bugs. With the repairs now finished, players have been told they're okay for launch.

Star Citizen's Arena Commander module launching May 29th

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Star Citizen or Elite: Dangerous? It's the new Daddy or Chips, and like that most ultimate of dilemmas I haven't yet settled on or t'other. My decision wheel gets more complicated with the news that Star Citizen's Arena Commander module (that's the dogfighting one) will release on May 29th. The mode will go out to all crowdfunding backers on that date, while the game's first multiplayer testers will (obviously) get to play around with its multiplayer options too.