Rift's mobile app adds guild chat, mini-games, and invasion alarms

Gavin Townsley at

High school reunions, terrible plays, and the trunk of a murderer's car all have one thing in common: they're places we'd rather be playing Rift. The new free mobile app from Trion Worlds brings these and other on-the-go moments a little more Rift from the convenience of your phone, with some pretty novel features.

PC Gamer now on Pulse!

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Ooh looky! PC Gamer has been selected as a featured source in Pulse, the #1 free news app for iPhone, Android, and iPad devices.

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To read PC Gamer and other news sources through Pulse, download the app at, then add PC Gamer from the Featured Sources by tapping the plus sign at the bottom of the front page.

That is all. You may return to your guilds.