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PC Gamer magazine is now an iOS app. Get it right now

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Hey! You! Stop typing angrily. We're aware that iPhones and iPads are Apple products but there's a good reason to mention iOS so prominently in the headline. We've injected some PC Gamer into said Apple products. We've PC Gamered them up!

Newsstand editions of both the UK and US magazines are available to download from the App store right now. Even though Newstand - iOS5's bespoke magazine-reading software - isn't available to download yet.

Basically, we're one step ahead of Apple. Once Newsstand gets officially released in the next few hours, the free PC Gamer App will disappear from your homescreen and reappear inside the Newsstand app. It's all very neat and satisfying.

The Newsstand edition will work on your iPhone and iPad, even though you only have to pay for each issue once. Not too shabby. You can get the UK edition worldwide but the US version is only available to download from the US and Canada. That's the law's fault, not ours.

You can read Apple's own words about Newsstand here. They reckon it's "Big news for your news." What's your take?

Mark Rein calls for curated app store in Windows 8

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Speaking to PC Gamer at GDC, Epic Game's Vice President, Mark Rein has given some insight into what he would like to see from the next version of Windows. His vision takes a few cues from Apple's current distribution model.

Leaked Windows 8 app store shots show games focus

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Just when you thought Microsoft had all but forgotten that PCs were anything more than a tool for designing Xbox games, some design sketches for Windows 8 are leaked and they're full of pictures of the PC with love hearts on. More importantly, a casual gaming store.