Realtime Worlds giving APB a "major overhaul"

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An official Realtime Worlds poster has outlined the company's plans for APB in a lengthy forum post on the official forums. They're proposing a pretty startling revamp of many of the game's key faults. Read on for the details.

You're nicked: Metropolitan Police APB clan

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In APB, Realtime Worlds' online cops vs robbers shooter, a creative clan of enforcers has recreated the look of the London Metropolitan Police Force with the game's advanced character creator.

Human Avatar: APB marketing madness

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The first time any of us are presented with a character editor, we are compelled by primal urges to slide every slider up to maximum, producing "maximum face". Then we mock them, laugh at how silly they look, etc. APB would like you - via an online poll - to do that to a human being.

APB review

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There are moments in APB where I found my heart pounding out of my chest, beating faster than my assault rifle could empty ammunition. APB’s San Paro is a online city where the criminals fight the police on the streets, both sides player-controlled. When it works, it’s incredibly exciting. The problem is, it doesn’t work.

PC Gamer UK Podcast 42

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Trust me, I'm Machiavelli: We kick off season two of our podcast with talk of our new site. Tim, Tom, Graham and Craig discuss why Guild Wars 2 will be genuinely different, the crushing disappointment of APB, the cleverest thing about Portal 2, how drama works in The Old Republic, why Bethesda should use the Rage engine for the next Elder Scrolls, the ridiculous inconsistencies of Singularity, and how the PC fared against the consoles at E3. The true identity of the podcat is also revealed. One Twitter question demanded a photo of where we record our podcast, so there's a grainy phone pic below the fold.

Download the MP3 here, subscribe here, and find our older podcasts here.

APB ads will play through your speakers in-game

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APB, the upcoming cops and robbers MMO from Realtime Worlds, will have audio adverts that play every couple of hours. When you enter a new district, you'll hear an ad. If you stay in that district for more than three hours, you'll hear another ad the next time you change district. It's not... that bad, as some forumites have said on the subject, but it's still a bit weird for a service you're paying for. Look at it like this: when you buy the game, you're also buying 50 hours of time - and therefore, 16 adverts. Hmmmmm.

[via APB.com, image thanks: Dead End Thrills]

Get one of 20,000 APB beta keys just by signing up

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Welcome to the PC Gamer community: your first task is to click that Register button on the top right. Do it soon enough, and registering with us will not only let you add your voice to the smartest, wittiest, gaming-est PC games site on the internet, but also access to the APB beta.

20,000 community members will each receive a key for the APB beta, granting free access to the online car-crunching cops and robbers game until June 19. Download the client from APB.com and create your character; we’ll start sending keys out daily on June 14 until our supply is exhausted.

Update! The beta has now ended.