Euro 2012 DLC on its way for FIFA 12

Chris Thursten at

I sit next to Rich, and every lunchtime he and Graham play FIFA 12 together. I know very little about the game, except that it involves men running around, kicking balls, and then falling over and enthusiastically tickling each other. Be that as it may, EA have announced that its UEFA Euro 2012 tie-in will be an expansion pack for FIFA 12, priced at £15.99 in the UK and delivered via Origin.

Sengoku demo released, full game available tomorrow

Tom Hatfield at

Sengoku, Paradox Interactive's feudal Japanese strategy game is released tomorrow. To celebrate they've made a demo available in advance. The demo lets you play as two clans for fifteen years of game time but there's no option to save or load your progress. Still, it should whet your appetite for tomorrow's release.

You can get the demo from the Paradox Sengoku website. If you're still on the fence, check out our Sengoku preview, in which Tim Stone tries to impregnate his teenage niece.

Though Sengoku hasn't been confirmed to be released on Steam, posts on the Steam forums a few months ago reveal that it appeared in some gamer's libraries by mistake.

We'll have more on Sengoku soon.