Alpha Centauri

Pandora: First Contact released, claims to be the hex-based successor to Alpha Centauri

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It's an odd quirk that many of the games that went on to be major sources of inspiration have had relatively short names. That means we've had Doom Clones, and Roguelikes, and DotA-likes, and other, snappy touchstones. Pandora: First Contact is perhaps best described as a Sid Meier's Alpha Centauralike, which is longer, but effectively conveys the game's aim to be seen as a "spiritual successor" of sci-fi 4X strategy Alpha Centauri.

Huge GOG EA sale discounts Ultima, Wing Commander and more

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If you're stumped for something to play this weekend, you might find some inspiration in this enormous weekend sale at, which has lined up 26 of EA's goodest oldest games and shot 60% off their prices with the discount gun. If you're rolling in money, $62.14 will get you all the Ultimas, Wing Commanders, Populi (Populouses?) and Dungeon Keepers, plus loads more, or you can buy each game individually for $2.39, which should be about £1.49 in old money.

Alpha Centauri trademarks registered by EA

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A clutch of Alpha Centauri trademarks have been gobbled up by EA, report Eurogamer. The trademark applications were spotted by NeoGaf, and cover an online service and computer game software. EA originally published Firaxis' cosmic take on the Civilization formula way back in 1999.

Alpha Centauri appears regularly in our annual selection of the top 100 PC games of all time, because it's great. Could EA be planning a long-awaited sequel?