Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends hitting PC this May, sadly without that missing E

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A quick search for Dynasty Warriors in the PC Gamer archives turns up our old Crusader Kings II diaries, highlighting - in a lazily reductive and broad way, natch - some of the differences between PC and console gaming, between Omega Force and Tecmo Koei's slashy-gallopy approach to history, and Paradox's clicky-mappy one. Such broad comparisons will be a little more difficult to make with the news that Dynasty Warriors 8 is coming to PC this May. Sorry, that's Dynasty Warriors 8 Xtreme Legends Complete Edition. Yes, they really did drop that E there.

Chaos Reborn gets photo-finish funding and multi-language translations

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Scary thought: We almost lived in a world where a tactical wizard-on-wizard RPG from the creator of X-COM would never have been. Julian Gollop's Chaos RebornKickstarter campaign teetered between nabbing the public's monetary thumbs-up or the eldritch maw of oblivion as it entered its final week of funding earlier this month, with Gollop himself tweeting the "nail-biting conclusion" of the drive's dwindling hours. At the 34-hour mark, the campaign's Summon Moneydollars spell finally reached the $180,000 goal, climbing over $210,000 in funding by the timer's end.

JetGetters finds sugar daddy, refunds Kickstarter backers

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Now here’s a classy move: tinyBuild’s upcoming JetGetters met its $50,000 funding goal on Kickstarter, but the developer is giving backers their money back because of a delay in the development cycle. The game is still coming out, backers will still get their rewards, and it sounds like tinyBuild’s in better shape than ever, so it’s good news all around.

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor's new character models won't affect performance

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World of Warcraft was released a decade ago. Thanks to Moore’s law, in terms of advancements made in PC hardware, that might as well be a century. After all that time, Blizzard is finally ready to update the character models in the upcoming Warlords of Draenor expansion. They’ll look better, but don’t worry. Even if you’ve been playing World of Warcraft on the same machine for years, you probably don’t need to upgrade it for Warlords of Draenor.

Hands-on with Darkest Dungeon, the best game I played at PAX East 2014

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PAX East’s designated indie games fiefdom was, unsurprisingly, overflowing with interesting projects. Secret Ponchos. Gods Will Be Watching. Subnautica. Not A Hero. Below. Many of the other games on display were known quantities that we’d either played previously or are playable now in a pre-release form. The one that stuck with me most was Darkest Dungeon, a roguelike that had somehow slipped through my sensor array.

Grave wants to be the Eraserhead of indie games, has free demo

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Forget trying to make the Citizen Kane of games, that's been done. Indie dev Broken Window Studios has its sights set on a far weirder goal. They want their horror game, Grave, to deliver the same discombobulating sense of strange as David Lynch's weirdo classic Eraserhead.

Report lists Steam's most popular (and most untouched) games

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Have you played every single game in your Steam library? No? Neither have I—and that accomplishment is apparently just a small sand grain in the over 288 million games in Steam collections that have never felt a press of the Play button. That's a surprising figure from a new report by Ars Technica researching the most active and popular games on Steam straight from the recorded statistics of some of the platform's 75-million-strong community.

Pixel Boost: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

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Twice a month Wes guides you through the hacks, tricks, and mods you'll need to run a classic PC game on Windows 7/8. Each Pixel Boost guide comes with a free side of 4K screenshots from the LPC celebrating the graphics of PC gaming's past. This week: Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast.

When it comes to Star Wars games, they don't make 'em like they used to. In the late 90s and early 2000s, the Dark Forces and Jedi Knight series married fun first-person action—full of iconic weapons and sound effects—with stories and characters from a larger fictional world. Kyle Katarn! Mara Jade! Luke Skywalker! They were all there, and the games they were in were good. After the first two Dark Forces, LucasArts handed the reigns to Raven Software, who amped up the lightsaber combat and multiplayer. All of the Jedi Knight games are available on Steam, so I relived my childhood Star Wars fandom with Jedi Outcast and took 25 4K screenshots in the process.

Dark Souls 2 PC port: mod god Durante's verdict

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In 2012, Peter "Durante" Thoman wrote the popular mod DSfix for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die on PC, fixing its locked 1024x720 resolution and other issues. In 2013, he released a similar fix for Deadly Premonition. We asked Durante to analyze the PC port of Dark Souls 2 in a series of articles.

After an initial outing on PC which was barely serviceable—rendering at 1024x720, locked at 30 FPS with unusable mouse controls—From Software and Namco Bandai have a lot to prove with this sequel. For Dark Souls 2, PC was reportedly considered a major target platform from the start. In this article, I'll first investigate the technical quality of the port compared to Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition and the console versions of Dark Souls 2. Then I'll have a closer look at the options included in the game and analyze their impact.

Three Lane Highway: how to communicate effectively in solo ranked matchmaking

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Three Lane Highway is Chris' sometimes earnest, sometimes silly column about Dota 2.

It's scary, talking to strangers. You probably spent the first ten years of your life being told not to do it, the second ten years of your life trying to summon the courage to do it, and the third ten years of your life doing it but wishing that you were somewhere else. Playing Dota 2 by yourself complicates this already complicated scenario. Language differences. Age differences. Wildly divergent opinions on topics like 'who's fault was that' and 'what are reports for'.

How I got my GTX 750 Ti running silently with an old cooler and some simple surgery

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I've spent a lot of time recently playing around with some old hardware to see if any old parts still have use. Thanks to a mixture of Nvidia’s latest Maxwell GPU, in GTX 750 Ti reference form, and an expired Sapphire HD 6670 Ultimate I found something very good indeed: an efficient, relatively powerful, silent gaming graphics card.

The Evil Within screenshots show more monstrous beasts

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I've had to stop myself from counting the horror clichés in The Evil Within trailers, as it was putting me off a survival horror game that ought to have much to recommend it. It's from Shinji Mikami, who made Resident Evil, and in a quite unrelated genre occupied only by itself, God Hand. But then he also worked on Dino Crisis. But then he also worked on the excellent Vanquish and Killer 7. I am so confused. Will these new Evil Within screenshots clarify matters? The main with a box for a head suggests "no".

Alien: Isolation trailer shows highly scientific VHS-mangling visual techniques

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Pity the user interface elements of Alien: Isolation, for they have been through a terrible ordeal. Pristine, unblemished versions of the game's icons were printed onto VHS tapes, scratched, shoved into an old player, and played on an old CRT telly while the cable input was twisted. The tortured images were then ported back into the game, producing imagery suitably distorted enough to fit with the low technology of the Alien films. You can watch the results of the process in the latest developer diary, which explains some of the other techniques the Creative Assembly have used to try to capture Ridley Scott's vision of a future made out of big '70s pocket calculators.

Concursion demo offers playable piece of Puuba's strange genre mashup

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Patches of altered reality drift in bubbles and waves across Concursion's environments, and each reality offers you a window into a different game. One moment you're a space-suited adventurer in a sidescrolling blaster, the next you can fall down a pit into a top-down Zelda-esque adventure. Moments later you might find yourself playing a space shooter, or as a ninja in a forest full of enemies.

Vlambeer prototypes include Wild West story experiment, a new take on tower defence and "Space Murder"

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Vlambeer are known for making fast, satisfying action games. In Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing and the upcoming Nuclear Throne, you will know Vlambeer by the uncompromising crunch of every bullet fired and fish hooked. They're a prolific team, as well, and Kotaku UK have taken a look at their incomplete prototypes, which see them playing with gentler concepts, as well as "Space Murder" and a game they simply call "GTA II in space".

The Earl Octopusor is a beautiful free aquatic adventure game

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Are you a sailor? This is your regular reminder to keep your giant octopus insurance policy up-to-date. In free adventure game, The Earl Octopusor, one of the squiggly fiends mugs an innocent sailor, who dispatches a last-second call for help to adventurer, Miss Libellule. As said adventurer, you dive underwater to hunt for the Octopus' treasure by completing puzzles in a beautifully illustrated aquatic realm.

Trials Fusion review

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Trials Fusion has one of the most brutally honest trailers of all time. Ignore the early dubstep-fuelled montages of rad dudes doing cool stuff, because that’s only part of the game. Mostly, you’ll be biting it hard.

The trailer, called ‘Competition’, presents an ignoble reel of crashes, spills and tumbles. After each wipe out, the player’s name plummets down a leaderboard. It captures the spirit of a game devious enough to continuously knock you on your backside, but compelling enough to make you rise to your feet.

What's Hearthstone like on iPad?

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The iPad version of Blizzard's all-conquering card-'em-up has just arrived on Apple's American and UK App Stores, having already been soft launched in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. You can get it by clicking here. But is the mobile version any good? And why, as PC gamers, should you care?

Curious Expedition interview: making a hardcore browser game people will pay for

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The developers of Curious Expedition have had a heady winter. After their devlog landed on TigSource and blew up across the gaming media, the two-person team won a €50,000 grant from the German government to finish developing the game, an exploration roguelike inspired by pioneers and the fiction of Jules Verne. Riad Djemili and Johannes Kistmann then left their day jobs to work full-time on Curious Expedition and bring it to retail.

Jedi Knight 2 HD remake mod in the works

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One of the best memories from my Star Wars gaming holocron is loading up a LAN multiplayer match in Jedi Knight 2 with a low-gravity mutation switched on and a lightsabers-only weapon restriction. It was silly loads of fun, but the Force wasn't with publisher LucasArts' wishes to continue the series, as Disney closed the studio last April. Our only hope lies with the power of JK2's lingering community, where a brave modder is taking on the huge task of uplifting the entirety of the game's graphics in a HD remake mod.