AirMech on its way to Steam

Chris Thursten at

Carbon Games have announced that AirMech, their isometric action/strategy hybrid, has just entered closed testing on Steam. Early access is available to anyone up for liking AirMech on Facebook or Google+.

AirMech mixes arcade-style twin-stick shooting with hands-on strategy elements. You control a mech that can turn into a jet, allowing you to transition between ground and air combat at any time. In the air, you can also pick up and fly your units around. A version of the game is available to play online right now.

AirMech looks ace. And you can play it in your browser right now

Owen Hill at

As highlighted by TIGsource, AirMech is a pot pourris of vehicles and bullet hell and tactics and transformers and competitive multiplayer... man... AirMech looks awesome! And you can play it in your browser right now! I was doing it just five minutes ago!

Click through for a gameplay video and details of how to sign up for this upcoming indie.