Air Buccaneers


Bundle Stars deal offers 6 FPS games including Hard Reset, Zeno Clash 2

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There's probably enough loose change in your sofa right now to get in on the latest Bundle Stars deal. $3.98 will get you eight first-person shooters, with a nice variety of games that are basically nothing but shooting, and some with a little less shooting, such as Zeno Clash 2.

Air Buccaneers review

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When you score a kill in Call of Duty, you’re left with a single ragdoll and +100 XP. When you score a kill in Air Buccaneers, you’re left with a cataclysmic fireball, a crashing airship and the piercing screams of the men you’ve just sent plummeting to their ignoble deaths. I like the second one better.

Team-based Air Buccaneers is all about manning a slow, lumbering battle-balloon, but it manages to be a lot more tense, exciting and funny than that might sound. You crew your balloon in first-person, sprinting around the fuselage to fire cannons and line up shots.

AirBuccaneers HD offers the ability to destroy the universe as a pre-order bonus

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I remember being really annoyed that Just Cause 2 gave pre-orderers a hovercraft. AirBuccaneers HD, a multiplayer hot air balloon combat game, gives them the ability to destroy the world. Pre-order it now for $15 or more, and you'll get the one-time use spell you see in the clip above: it kills everyone on the server, ends the game, and destroys the universe.

This, it could be argued, is a bit much.