AI War: Light of the Spire

AI War Ancient Shadows expansion to add massive modular Champion battleships

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Look at that picture. Look at the lasers! That's AI War, a massive, cerebral 4X space strategy wargame about building thousands of robots and waging war on super smart AI enemies. The upcoming Ancient Shadows update will reduce that chaos and let you roll with a monstrous starship that can gain experience and level up as it obliterates all incoming enemies.

Let's let Erik of Arcen Games explain: "With the Ancient Shadows expansion, you can now set a player to the "Champion" role and instead of a home command station and all the usual stuff a player starts with they get a singe modular ship. But what a ship. At the beginning it's basically a super-starship that's pretty powerful but nothing world-shattering. But it can gain experience, and with experience it can upgrade modules."

AI War: Light of the Spire expansion is out now

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A colossal new expansion has been released for AI War adding a new faction, 180 new ships, story-based victory conditions and a new 'defender' game type that concentrates AI War's huge, brainy space battles into frantic scraps that last minutes instead of hours. Read on for details and a trailer for the expansion.