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Hollywood flirts with Hitman again in the form of 'Agent 47'

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Hitman: Absolution trailer sharpens knives, shows katana

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Does anyone use the assault rifles in Hitman? IO Interactive always given players the tools to turn a stealth mission into an action movie. If only there was some way to turn the action movie into a stealth mission, but the dreadful film is out there now and we're just going to have to come to terms with that.

The latest Hitman Absolution trailer concentrates on the many murder implements that we'll find scattered around Absolution's levels. Tools of death have many forms in the hands of a master assassin and one of those forms is a model of a tiny belly dancer. I don't know how Agent 47 would kill someone with such an object. I'm not sure I want to know. I'll stick to the classics, like the fibre wire, and a good old fashioned katana, if you please. Oggle an eyefull of Absolution's varied spread of weapons in the trailer below.

Hitman Absolution trailer kills all the men

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Uh oh. Agent 47 has taken the drastic step of scratching off the barcode on the back of his head, thus removing any chance Hitman's famously unobservant guards ever had of identifying him. There's some confusion about what's happening with the woman Agent 47's trying to save here. First she's in bed, then she's in the shower (dead?), then she's alive and being kidnapped, then Agent 47 goes all Leon with empty elevator and a lights-out killing spree.

I love the Hitman series, but I stopped paying attention to the story as soon as someone said the word "clone." Who is the woman, is she a clone, and why do the bad guys leave two men to guard an empty room?

E3 2011: Hitman: Absolution video interview discusses choice and freedom

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Christian Elverdam is Hitman: Absolution's gameplay director, and that's his face hovering just above these words. Our combined E3 force caught up with Christian in LA, and pinned him to the wall with the full force of our questioning. In response, he talked about the varied approaches players can take in Absolution. Blood Money fans (of whom our own Tom Francis leads the charge) will be pleased to hear that the videos and demos they've shown so far aren't pointing toward a linear, prescribed route through the game. Instead, Christian points out that 47 will have a range of options at his disposal to complete his grisly duty.