Call of Duty: Elite still incoming. Activision "excited to do right by the PC gamers"

Owen Hill at

Call of Duty Elite is still coming to PC, Eurogamer report. Activision Producer, Noah Heller has been talking to the website about the stat tracking service, which currently supports Modern Warfare 3 on consoles, but not PC: "We're still working on it. We can't date it yet. It's a challenging piece of development."

Activision: Services like Call of Duty Elite to soon be a "necessity" for games

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Game-specific social networks are all the rage right now, with Call of Duty Elite, Blizzard's, and BF3's Battlelog leading the charge, to name a few. But are they here to stay, or will they be in social network heaven making angsty MySpace posts about their failures before too much longer? Activision, naturally, doesn't even doubt for a second that it's the former. VP of digital Jamie Berger didn't stop there, though. He claimed that future blockbuster games will go the way of Blockbuster if they don't hop aboard the social bandwagon.

Prototype 2 release date confirmed, new trailer burns everything

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BluesNews report that Prototype 2 will be released on 24th of April 2012 and to celebrate the announcement, a new CGI trailer has been released. The trailer shows Prototype special ops team Black Watch engaging in their favourite pursuit, setting fire to everything. It also quickly explains the story driving the sequel; as explained in the last trailer Alex Mercer, the 'hero' of the first game apparently killed James Heller's family (he killed so many people, it's hard to keep track). Now Heller has Mercer style powers, and he's not a happy bunny.

We'll see just how angry he is next year.

Confirmed: Call of Duty: Black Ops will have mod tools

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Treyarch have confirmed that CoD:BlOps will feature mod tools post-launch. An anonymous developer, who posted the announcement on their official forums, explained that the work required to add mod tools is a big job - they'd rather focus on shipping the game, but they do plan on adding them. They've also confirmed that you'll be able to summon the developer console in the meantime, which is almost as good.