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League of Legend's mad jester hero spotlighted

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The tricksy Shaco is the latest League of Legends hero to receive the character spotlight treatment. With abilities like his cloaking powers, and an invisible supply of invisible jack in the box turrets, he'll be a lot more popular among allies than his unfortunate victims.

The new spotlight video delivers a typically in-depth analysis of Shaco's strengths and weaknesses, and describes his levelling potential and jungling prowess in exquisite detail. If you have no idea what the narrator is talking about, but find yourself strangely intrigued, you can play League of Legends for free to find out more. You can sign up and download the client from the League of Legends site.

League of Legends gets half-dragon hero, Shyvana

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Shyvana the half-dragon is the latest hero to hit League of Legends' busy lanes. Sadly, she's not half dragon in the sense that she has the head of a dragon and the legs of a lady, instead she's all dragon half of the time. In her scaly form she can waddle around setting fire to the level, spitting fireballs at creeps and hunting down the odd hero. Hear her abilities described and see them demonstrated in latest of Riot's ever informative Champion Spotlight videos above. You'll find the traditional piece of hero art for Shyvana below.